Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Halloween Memories.

I put my Christmas stuff up today.

I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this week, and…

I am blogging about Halloween today.

I think my Holidays are all running together.

I did however want to share a few of our Halloween memories before we move on to other things.

…and I forget all those little details that need to be recorded.

Stella keeps saying, “I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving, it seems like it was just Halloween.”

I say, “that’s because it was.”

Halloween in all actuality was just 3 weeks ago. 

It’s amazing how time flies.

We had a wonderful time celebrating my favorite Holiday this year.

We enjoyed an evening of carving pumpkins.

 photo Carvingpumpkins-001_zps65b7630b.jpg

The kids seemed to get frustrated because it mostly seemed like a grown-up job.

 photo Carvingpumpkins-0960_zps7a47e065.jpg

Really anytime your doing something with a sharp knife, it should be a grown-up job.

 photo Carvingpumpkins-0949_zps2659c711.jpg

I tried to remind them that it’s just about being together, and doing something different.

 photo Carvingpumpkins_zps9049f2d2.jpg

It turned out to be a fun and creative night.  The kids came up with some great designs.

 photo JexHalloweenparty-0929_zps357992e0.jpg

A few days before Halloween, I put together some Halloween goodies for a little Halloween party.

 photo JexHalloweenparty-0932_zps28a8b56c.jpg

I also enjoyed putting together a little Halloween snack bar, and preparing for a scary Halloween movie.

 photo JexHalloweenparty-0930_zps81cb09a0.jpg

Before you know it October 31st was here, and it was time to get our spook on.

As you know, I had already made the kids costumes so we could wear them to Disneyland.

We got up early and got all dressed up.

The pirate had to get up extra early.

 photo Halloween-1138_zps4a60a1f0.jpg

His bus comes at 7:03am.

Anna got up to get her hair braided.

 photo Halloween-0974_zps8638bf19.jpg

She was most excited about getting to wear lip gloss to school.

 photo Halloween-0971_zps6bed3b22.jpg

Olaf had it easy.  We didn’t even have to do his hair.

 photo Halloween-0964_zpsf26ab321.jpg

He just threw on a hat, and his fake smile.

 photo Halloween-0966_zps5add60c1.jpg

Elsa had to get out of bed early to get ready with the other kids.

 photo Halloween-0982_zpsaf3f9016.jpg

It takes quite a bit of time to get her hair braided, and…

 photo Halloween-0980_zps720e1d28.jpg

I needed a picture of all the characters from Arendelle.

 photo Halloween-0984_zps0043a692.jpg

 photo Halloween-0990_zpse5e6b90f.jpg

I had to get my costume on early in the day as well.

 photo Halloween-1046_zpsc933c28f.jpg

The kids had a small Halloween parade at school.

 photo Halloween2_zpsb204fd2e.jpg

I helped out and threw parties in Isaac and Stella’s classes.

I got a few more pictures before we went out to trick or treat…

 photo Halloween-1030_zps84616529.jpg

By the time these pictures were taken, I had taken off my cute black booties.  It was time for slippers.  It had already been a long day, and my piggies were so tired.

 photo Halloween-1058_zps61702b62.jpg

Trick or Treating in slippers was a great idea.

Here is Elsa freezing you:

 photo Halloween-1029_zps13ac5fb9.jpg

Here I am hanging out with my good friend the Mad Hatter; and telling her, “Off with your head.”

 photo Halloween-1071_zps3613ee73.jpg

 photo Halloween-1035_zpsf9f754bd.jpg

 photo Halloween-1140_zps062c0548.jpg

 photo Halloween-1093_zpsc1904078.jpg

Yes! I am obsessed with taking and having pictures.

Stella wanted to be a super hero in the evening, because her friends were all being different super heroes.

 photo Halloween-1150_zps13e29965.jpg

You can imagine how devastated I felt because I worked so hard on her Anna costume.

 photo Halloween-1152_zps23c28e11.jpg

We compromised, and I made her borrow the costume; I wasn’t spending any more $$.

So here is our Anna by day, but bat girl by night:

 photo Halloween-1154_zps63bca389.jpg

…with a really crooked mask! Ha Ha.

She enjoyed being a super hero with all her friends.

 photo Halloween-1144_zps106d667a.jpg

It turns out not all of her friends ended up being a super hero, Whatever!! Little miss tweenager was happy; so it was worth it.

Jex was also invited to a Halloween party with his tweenager friends.

The evening seemed so strange when it was time to go out.  I only had my two little ones at my side.

My kids are growing up, and starting to do their own thing. Boo Hoo!

So I went out with Isaac and Tess, and a few friends to watch my favorite part of the whole holiday.

 photo Halloween-1108_zps8d9fa5e2.jpg

There is nothing better than watching all sorts of characters roaming the streets begging for candy.

 photo Halloween-1102_zpsc5ece38c.jpg

It was a great night.

 photo Halloween-1104_zps9a4c71f3.jpg

The night ended with this beautiful sunset:

 photo Halloween-1157_zps73f79734.jpg

Happy Halloween, or Thanksgiving…

Oh my gosh! Really! Christmas is right around the corner.

Please don’t tell me how many more Fridays until Christmas.

I don’t want to know.

I’m not ready… as you can see I’m still hung up on Halloween.


JW said...

Looked liked you had a great night. I wondered how the whole super hero thing all went down, now I know :)

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