Monday, October 13, 2014

Ruby Time

I had so many intentions of blogging last week.  Then my good ole friend strep came to visit and he gave me the one two knockout.  Strep throat is one mean friend.  I think I would like to un-friend him.

While I was down, my dear sweet angel baby niece would have been 3.  It was her birthday on Saturday.

As you know, my sister always does 15 days of giveaways.  This is a way to celebrate Ruby’s 15 days here on the earth.

Please hop on over to Kristin’s blog and enter.  There are some fun things this year.  You won’t want to miss it.  And then don’t forget to keep checking back each day so you don’t miss one. 

Make sure to leave your email in the comment so she knows how to contact you when she draws all the winners.

Thanks for all your support and love here at JandA&Co., and also for supporting my sister and her family.

Read about Ruby’s birthday here.

First giveaway here.

Kristin’s blog here.

more about ruby here and here.


Stella said...

Ruby has been here too short but made an everlasting impression. IN your hearts and thoughts. Thinking of all of you.

KW said...

Thanks Sissy!

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