Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It’s almost October…

but I still need to blog about our August birthdays.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0647_zps455545c5.jpg

I’m trying to be a better blogger, but life keeps getting in the way. 

Taking care of kids and everything they are involved with always trumps getting on my computer. 

I think I say this every time I blog so I should really stop saying it; and just be ok with the best I can do.

Any hoo… I need to include everything important to me on this blog so all the little memories are stored for my scrapbooks and history.

I do this because this old brain of mine don’t recall so well.

If you may recall, 4 Swenson’s in this house have birthdays in August.

First we start with Stella.

 photo stella_zps84b5fd51.jpg

She turned 10 this year.

Then we have me.

 photo swenson076_zps0c5e57e1.jpg

I turned um. lets. just. say. older. this year.

Next is our first born, Jex.

 photo jex_zps973bcf67.jpg

He turned 12, which is a really special birthday in our church.

When you turn 12, you receive the priesthood.  Which allows you many special privileges and gifts.  Some of those blessings being the privilege of attending the temple and passing the sacrament.

 photo Jexordinationday_zps29168492.jpg

It was such a touching day for our whole family.

We had most of our  extended family here for the ordination which made it all the more special.

Lastly, but not leastly, we celebrate Isaac.

 photo edits19_zpse9496627.jpg

He turned 7.

We celebrated each of these children in special ways on their own day.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0667_zpsa75b46e0.jpg

Then we had one big party for all of them with our extended family.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0658_zps203f4519.jpg

We even celebrated our October baby so she didn’t feel left out:

birthday announcment 2014 3 copy

It was such a fun day, and so wonderful to have our whole family over.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0670_zpsbfc08c5d.jpg

It’s always nice to have a reason to celebrate.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0640_zps589f6f76.jpg

I chose to have a picnic sort of theme.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0619_zpsacb64279.jpg

Mostly because I found picnic sort of things on clearance.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0634_zps60cf377a.jpg

Lemonade is definitely a picnic kinda drink.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0639_zps3e15ce26.jpg

…and hot dogs are certainly a picnic kinda food.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0631_zps912a478b.jpg

We topped the hot dogs off with the special Utah sauce from J Dawgs.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0637_zpsb2359b7e.jpg

It’s like a sweet kind of sauce and was delicious with the coleslaw I made.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0662_zps349653e7.jpg

I enjoyed serving our food in these cute food trays.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0638_zps6545a565.jpg

Watermelon is a food that is a must-have at a picnic so that is what I made the kids cakes to look like.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0625_zps9ee93e24.jpg

I made sugar cookie cakes.  I dyed the dough pink, and then frosted them to look like watermelons.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0623_zps94c470ba.jpg

The watermelon cookie cake was also served in the adorable food trays.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0690_zpsfaa029de.jpg

We sang happy birthday four times

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0665_zpsb29b7b7d.jpg

…and let each child blow out the candles.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0671_zps485c458f.jpg

It was a great party.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0649_zps0f76c4d4.jpg

I love celebrating my kids.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0626_zpsb25cd87f.jpg

I do not love celebrating them growing one year older.

 photo KidsBirthdayParty2014-0676_zps36de8641.jpg

(insert a few small tears)


julie said...

Ahh looks lovely. Belated b'day wishes to you all. Love the shoots of red decorations, and the giant cookies are a brilliant idea too. x

Enjoying this beautiful life we've created said...

I love this! Your Birthday posts are always my favorite!

Stella said...

By looking at the photos you can feel how special this must have been for you and your family. A bit belated congrats to all of you. This blog post is wonderful to read and seeing all these special moemnts you captured.
Have a great day; seeing a new post written by you always makes me smile!

KW said...

I'm so glad that you guys are back so we could come celebrate. It was a great party.

Cole said...

Wowzers! Awesome! Your August is like our Oct-Nov. We have 4 birthdays in 2 weeks with Halloween smack dab in the middle. Fun times!
Hope your birthday was Absofruitly Fansmashtic!!:D

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