Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall makes me happy.

 photo FallDecor2014-0562_zps16f568a4.jpg

…and pumpkins make me even happier.

 photo FallDecor2014-0567_zps0bd018cb.jpg

Have you started decorating for fall?

 photo FallDecor2014-0555_zps02e3d4b1.jpg

I get so excited and want to start Sept. 1.

 photo FallDecor2014-0591_zps0a96831e.jpg

It’s hard to find pumpkins as early as September One, and I love to decorate with real pumpkins!!

 photo FallDecor2014-0041_zpsb60b7036.jpg

So every year, I start with a few things here and there, and I’m always still wrapping things up mid-September when pumpkins become available.

 photo FallDecor2014-0577_zpsdf2fb307.jpg

I am picky about pumpkins too.  I am looking for a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

 photo FallDecor2014-0051_zpsa09c4257.jpg

I also love pumpkins with fun stems, the mini pumpkins are a must, and don’t even get my started on the Cinderella pumpkins.

 photo FallDecor2014-0574_zpsebaed132.jpg

Those cute little pumpkins that look like they have been smashed flat.  There really is nothing cuter.

I enjoy decorating my porch as much or sometimes even more than the inside.

   photo FallDecor2014-0568_zpsc169b58c.jpg

Pumpkins, Cabbages, and Mums are a must for outdoor decorating in the fall.  It was time to take out all my summer flowers and give my pots a little fall love.

 photo FallDecor2014-0011_zpsc5dc3881.jpg

Being outside in the fall is among one of may favorite things to do.  Sitting right there on those rocking chairs in the evening; there really is nothing better.

 photo FallDecor2014-0560_zps9f99ba69.jpg

Once I get everything I want, I love to move things around, and around, and around.

 photo FallDecor2014-0021_zps93c1c46e.jpg

I call it puttering around the house, and that is my favorite thing to do.

 photo FallDecor20141_zps1b9715f7.jpg

It is so fun to mix and match, and design and change.

 photo FallDecor2014-0031_zpse6b95843.jpg

I took these pictures just yesterday, and it’s been changed and added to since then.

 photo FallDecor2014-0587_zpseaa4da70.jpg

So here it is for NOW or as of YESTERDAY; and probably how it won’t be TOMORROW.

 photo FallDecor2014-0459_zpsf7658b49.jpg

So is here is our Abode this fall all tricked out with pumpkins, mums, banners, and love; enjoy the massive amount of photos.

 photo FallDecor2014-0517_zps6e892d67.jpg

You know how I feel about seeing all the details.

 photo FallDecor2014-0466_zps85bcf904.jpg

Happy Fall Y’all!

A few fun facts:

I made the fall banner this year with gold glitter felt found at Hobby Lobby, doilies from Michaels, and gold glitter pinecones from the $$ section at Michaels.  It is all hot glued together on twine.

Fall Decor 2014-0451

All of the gold pumpkins came from the $$ tree.  They were little ugly ceramic pumpkins that I spray painted gold and made adorbs.

Fall Decor 2014-0456

Sometimes I make my own printables, this year I borrowed.  Find this cute hello fall print here.

Fall Decor 2014-0583

…and the little print in the gold frame …that is my baby(when she was actually my baby), with a favorite quote. 


Hey, I know it’s not October, but she is my October baby so I really love that month. Plus, the picture has pumpkins in it, and you know how I feel about pumpkins.

P.S. I am swooning over gold, and I just think it makes for a beautiful fall accent.

So go out and buy some gold spray paint, and get to sprayin.

oh,and I’ll say it again, only because I lived in Arkansas for 4 years and now I’m part Southern:

Happy Fall Y’all!



Andrea Worley said...

Love all your festive decor! You have a beautiful home!

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

So Pretty! I love getting fall decorations out, and I am right with you on the mums and pumpkins! And gold!

KW said...

Looks great! I'm loving gold as a fall color too!

Tiffany said...

Can I just say how much I love your blog?! And how happy I am that you are blogging regularly again!? Your blog just makes me happy. And it makes me want to spruce up and make things festive!

Stella said...

Your house is so beautiful; I am smitten. Love all your fall decorations and I would LOVE to sit on your porch with a cup of coffee......

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