Thursday, October 2, 2014

What I do on October 1st…

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0414_zpse3068cac.jpg

I LAH-UV(love) Halloween.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0410_zpseff96651.jpg

I get it from my mother.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0415_zpscb682db4.jpg

So every October 1st; the spooky comes out.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0416_zpsd2b74a1a.jpg

My kids start asking the day that the pumpkins appear, just when the bats will show up?

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0412_zps61a70481.jpg

My favorite is seeing their face when they come home from school, and the house is covered in the very bats they were asking for.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0417_zpsff4740b5.jpg

That’s what I did yesterday.  I let the bats out of their box.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0408_zps67df868d.jpg

They have been cooped up for 11 long months.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0400_zpsf346711b.jpg

And the kids? They all ran around the house, saying look at this and look at that.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0403_zps092c843e.jpg

The funny thing is that the majority of the creatures were bought at the dollar store.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0406_zps5c800f46.jpg

With a little bit of gold spray paint, you can make anything look expensive.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0405_zps59aa7f4e.jpg

…And gold is my new favorite color.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0401_zps0aa1d024.jpg

Creepy and pretty don’t always go together.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0420_zps5deb4c41.jpg

So because I still like things to look pretty around here; the gold spray paint helped.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0407_zps17cc56eb.jpg

My favorite thing to do is just add a little spooky here and there, and that way the house still feels like our house.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0419_zpsd4799281.jpg

Warm and inviting.  Which is what I hope for.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0418_zps8826b502.jpg

So if you come to visit; I hope your ok with crows, skeletons, and bats. In all their gold glory.

 photo HalloweenDecorations-0404_zps80df3751.jpg

If you are, here is your warm invitation:

 photo Welcome_zps9091188e.jpg

Welcome to our home.


Paula Soderborg said...

What beautiful creepy stuff. You have a beautiful home.

KW said...

Love it, I was thinking I needed to get out my stuff yesterday but it just didn't happen. Maybe today!

Krysta said...

LOVE it!!!

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