Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Summertime is in full swing here at our house.

beautiful summertime

Right now:

We just finished organizing our house so summer will be nice and relaxing

We moved Jex and Stella in to their own rooms

We just finished decorating their new rooms

Jex and Stella are ecstatic; they have never had their own room before

We have had more rooms painted in our house a bright cheery color

We cleaned out our garage

I have laid out our summer plans

The plan is to be a deliberate mother who creates lots of fun and memories

The plan is to teach my kids the value of work; that sometimes work comes before play

Right now we are playing and watching lots of baseball

I need to clone myself to be to 2 and sometimes 3 games at one time

…but my cloning machine broke

I am enjoying watching my kids play together

I am stepping on lots of Legos

I am trying to keep 6 peoples schedules straight

I am enjoying the freedom of summer

Right now I am realizing that my kids are growing up

 photo IsaacLegos-0242_zps984f8df9.jpg

I can’t wait to enjoy this summer with them.


Leslie Posey said...

I can't wait to see their rooms!! Share soon!! I'm guessing you moved them in the basement? I'm sure they will love it!

JW said...

Post pics of the rooms soon! I like the addition of the owl pillow!!

KW said...

That was me...

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