Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Friends are so important.  I am so thankful for the good friends I have.

15 years ago when I lived in Logan, UT for the first time; my husband and I made some great friends.

…and now we have moved back.  We have reconnected with some of those friends.

We have also made wonderful new friendships.  I am so thankful for the gift of friendship.

One of those friendships that was created during my previous years in Logan was with my BFF; Krysta.

That little stinker doesn’t live in Logan anymore.  They moved to Houston just before we moved to Arkansas. 

I was all for it then because that meant it was only a 7 hour drive to see her.

Now that I’m back in Logan; it’s almost strange not to have her here.

All of my previous Logan memories almost all have her in them.

…so because she isn’t here; I have to make the journey to Houston to see her.

Last Novemeber, I took a trip to Houston to see Krysta.

I never blogged about it because Thanksgiving, Christmas, and surgery all happened right after coming home.

I want to go back and recap about it now:

   photo VisittoKrystas-0013_zps411cd045.jpg

This is my favorite part about arriving in Houston; walking through the door of the Moes’ house.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0010_zps092ca5e7.jpg

It feels like home.  Krysta’s house feels so comfortable.  It is beautiful; I wish I could take you on the full tour.  You would love it.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0015_zps996ecc50.jpg

She had done a little re-decorating since I had been there last so it was fun to see a few of the changes.  Walking around and looking for all the changes is part of the Krysta/Andrea ritual.  We do it every time we arrive at each other’s home.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0012_zpsa04a8aa4.jpg

We both love fall and decorating for it; so it was fun to be in her house with all her pumpkins out.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0005_zps2fcdf623.jpg

This was the room I got to stay in:

 photo VisittoKrystas-0002_zps4de41d67.jpg

Poor Ady was kicked out of her bed so I had somewhere to sleep.  I kept telling Ady that the “A” was for Andrea.

I love being with all of Krysta’s kids.  They are like my own nieces and nephews. 

Ady was born just 9 days before Tess; so it was fun to be with her.

Here she is helping me wash apples and telling me stories.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0073_zpsebd344e6.jpg

One thing I wanted Krysta to teach me is how to make carmel apples.  She is so good at it.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0103_zps4578611f.jpg

It is a tradition in her family.

  photo VisittoKrystas-0089_zpsb7ac1efa.jpg

See… they have the whole process down.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0097_zps7ca06114.jpg

Now I am addicted to carmel apples; and have made them about 15 times since I left Houston.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0110_zpsf60df6ee.jpg

It was great to be in the nice Houston weather while it was so chilly in Utah.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0043_zpscd536086.jpg

It’s so warm Krysta has a lemon tree in her backyard.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0067_zpsdb2b3883.jpg

I was smitten with it, and so jealous.  I think I could move back to humidity just for all the beautiful plants that grow.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0038_zps0f1e2bc4.jpg

Krysta’s yard looks amazing.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0037_zps93483fba.jpg

When we are together, we don’t make big plans.

In fact, I love just chilling at her house.  It’s like having a vacation at home without having any work to do.

Here I am chilling on my computer; while Ady sleeps on the floor.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0022_zps441f7083.jpg

We did do A LOT of shopping(enough that I had to ship a box of stuff home), and made sure to eat good food.

We both love to eat.  We enjoy trying out the recipes that we each make for our own families; and we love going out.

 photo VisittoKrystas-0032_zps2c031ca3.jpg


I can’t wait for you to come this summer.

Thanks for the awesome visit in the fall.

We should all thank God for good friends.


Candice said...

Beautiful ladies! Friends are the best! You two are lucky to have each other!

Rogerson's said...

Haven't dropped in on your blog for a while and wow what can happen in a few months! I'm so sorry to hear about all of your health complications and glad to see and hear that you're getting back on your feet again. We've closed/remodeled for six weeks before moving to AF and I just checked out of life for a while. Love as always your constant optimism, even through the tough stuff, love the pictures, the baseball, the dear friends, glad you're back on your feet.

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