Monday, December 2, 2013

My Holiday decorating tips.

I am no Holiday decorating pro, but I do enjoy it.  I thought I would share a weeks worth of how I go about planning my holiday decorations.

I always decorate on a budget and try to do it with as little money as possible; which requires getting creative.

I have it divided up in to 5 categories that I will share over this week.

1.  Use Pinterest and ideas from Magazines.

2.  Buy cheap and make it better.

3.  Use what you have and make it better.

4.  Think outside the box; get creative.

5.  Buy a few things you love.

So lets get started with #1:

Labels 1

I first started my holiday preparations by browsing my Christmas Pinterest board, Better Homes and Gardens site or magazine, and my holiday planner which is full of ideas.  I wrote down a few of my favorites and came up with a way to make them work on a budget.

Isn’t Pinterest sent straight from heaven?  It can be so helpful.

I will share the idea, the link, and what I came up with.

I found these Chalk board prints and then…


Chalkboard printables

found this idea for chalkboards on the tree:


Chalkboard ornaments

So I decided to combine the two together by printing the printables and hanging them on my tree:

  photo HolidayDecorating-0554_zps8fbbd8c8.jpg

I also decided to make a few of my own chalkboard prints…

 photo HolidayDecorating-0541_zps63c52d92.jpg

to hang on the tree and also place around the house.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0570_zps162d12b7.jpg

Want to print them? Click on the images to download.

Deck the halls

Deer Chalkboard

Merry Christmas 2

I used these free graphics when making them.

I loved this Merry Christmas banner I found strung on the tree:


Banner on the tree

So I collected letters from the dollar spot at Target and scrapbooks stores and made lots of them but in a smaller versions for my tree:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0542_zps115b825b.jpg

My kiddos helped me with this.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0546_zps2010b398.jpg

I also fell in love with these blue and green trees on BHG.  I knew those colors would look great in my house:



I used these colors on my tree this year; on a budget, of course(more on this later.)

 photo HolidayDecorating-0547_zps67fb1698.jpg

I saw this in Better Homes and Gardens while I was at the dentist:


Gingerbread house city

I knew I could recreate it by buying a gingerbread kit and using the glass jars that I already had on my counter for flour and sugar:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0576_zps1c1c1b40.jpg 

This is probably one of my favorite additions to the holiday decorating.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0577_zpsee7ec97b.jpg

I wanted my new stockings made by my sister to have our names on them.  I saw this:



This is my version:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0561_zps54ddf8c3.jpg

I used velvet ribbon, glitter letters left from my banners,and an acrylic stamp set I had on hand.

I loved this print:



So I made my own:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0568_zps0dbcbc75.jpg

Want this one too? Click on the image.


I fell in love with this wreath:


Gold Wreath

I already had a pinecone wreath on hand, so I just spruced mine up with some white spray paint and small gold balls:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0563_zps5eaa074d.jpg

Ok.  Now get to it.  Go browse Pinterest and see what you can come up with.

To see more of my holiday decorations go here.


April said...

Your tree is so gorgeous! It should be in BHG! I love the creative ideas and yes Pinterest is heaven-sent!

The Ford Family said...

I love all of it! Good job.

PS: Did you notice your typo on the reindeer names? :)

Andrea said...

I don't see a typo? Where?

Eileen said...

How pretty!

The Ford Family said...

I say "Donner", not "Donder". Maybe I'm saying it wrong....

The Ford Family said...

I just looked it up on the internet and apparently there people who do say Donder. I guess I've always just gone by the names in the Rudolph song. Ha! So, no typo at all, just difference of opinion probably! It's darling anyway...I printed it :)

Andrea said...

No worries. Yes many different versions. I like the Donder version because it is different. Although I mostly say Donner.

JW said...

looks great. I like seeing the bigger pics than just the little ones on my phone. I like the gingerbread idea too!

KW said...

Obviously that was me.

Krysta McClure said...

Looks beautiful, Andrea!

Colleen said...

it looks lovely. I love your color scheme too. so fun but so classy!

shaleen said...

I LOVE your blog. Your home is warm and inviting, which I love. I wanted to know where you got your garland for the stairs and the fireplace? I love that look! Keep all the great ideas coming. Thanks.

Jo Jo said...

You have an amazing talent for design and decorating! Thanks so much for sharing!

Candice said...

Beautiful Andrea!! You have such an eye for details!

The Allred's said...

Thank you for all of your cute printables! I am one of the not so crafty people that need all the help I can get. Now my cute little reindeer have a cute framed sign to go along with them. By the way I am one of Kristins highschool friends and I enjoy reading your blog from time to time!

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