Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shhh… don’t tell

I did it.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0511_zpsd556a06d.jpg

I really did it.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0613_zps0451a351.jpg

I put up my Christmas decorations on Monday.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0618_zps10bf03ce.jpg

Yes, Monday November 25th.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0514_zpsc2d1565f.jpg

Yes, before Thanksgiving.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0533_zps4d27f501.jpg

Yes, before the goose was even cooked.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0516_zps5bbf1ba1.jpg

I had my reasons.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0506_zps7bb99a93.jpg

They were all good reasons.

 photo cr_zps1ce28849.jpg

… and now I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my family; and then…

when I go home…

 photo HolidayDecorating-0597_zps70af652e.jpg

I get to go home to this:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0612_zps3e7ad8e3.jpg

and start rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0589_zps6629dcc3.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0504_zps5def5386.jpg

Come back next week for tips on Holiday decorating. 

A whole weeks worth of ideas.

Oh, and if you need help getting organized; don’t forget this little Freebie.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0534_zpsbdbee339.jpg


Teresa said...

So very pretty! Good for you!

Amanda B said...

Looks amazing and so festive and beautiful. I have also done ours this week and Lindsay's stockings look great here, no fireplace here in the tropics but I made do! will send some pics through soon! oh and I love that you have two trees.. I am so doing that when we get our own house and have more room :) Happy Thanksgiving, have a lovely day xx

Marji Jim Anderson said...

I LOVE it! I just noticed you painted your you are my sunshine sign! I love it blue!! Pam and I were talking about your new tree, we both figured you put the old tree somewhere else. We know you too well! Miss you friend!

Brandi said...

Everything looks fabulous!!!!!

Holly said...

Andrea is your tree real? We put up a real tree this year and I'm having a hard time getting my frames to stay put because the limbs are a little flimsy- how do you hang your frames on your tree?

Holly said...

PS Your home looks so beautiful and festive! I LOVE your style! :)

Andrea Worley said...

Beautiful home! Love how you used words and phrases in your tree.

ps- I put mine up on Sunday Nov 24th! :)

Carrie said...

Beautiful! I love how you decorate!

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