Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day Two: Buy Cheap and Make it Better.

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I love to browse thrift stores, $ stores, and the Dollar Tree.  I love to find fun little items that I might be able to make better.  I like to use those items as holidy décor.

Here are a few examples:

I bought this wreath at a thrift store for $3.  Because it was such a nice wreath I knew it would make a great base to add to.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0606_zps44c19142.jpg

I added the ornaments, and other fun bling to the wreath to give it some excitement.

My grandma had a set of these carolers when I was a child.  She actually made them.  Her set was much bigger.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0617_zps80680655.jpg

I stumbled upon this set at a thrift store for $2.  I bought it to remind me of her.  This is one of my favorite Christmas treasures.

One year, I couldn’t afford to buy enough wreaths for my front door.  I bought some cheap ones at Walmart for $2.  I wanted them a little fuller, so the little wreath from the dollar tree added to another made a much fuller wreath.  I also found the small gold balls at the dollar tree to add to the wreath with a burlap ribbon, and a dollar ornament.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0600_zps3d11999b.jpg

They look really cute lined across my windows.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0597_zps70af652e.jpg

This sweet little pillow was also a thrift store find, and makes such a great addition to my porch.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0599_zps0b5be1b6.jpg

I wanted to add my kids names to our red stocking. I remembered I picked up these chalkboard tags in the $ spot at Target.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0583_zps4fe9cc19.jpg

They make a great addition to the stockings.

This sweet banner is made out of some dollar store doilies, hot glue, yarn, and glitter stickers I had laying around.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0555_zpseb7923ea.jpg

Stella even made it for me.

I love frames on my trees.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0551_zps49154669.jpg

The cheapest way to put frames on your trees is to buy them at thrift stores and paint them.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0544_zps23d8dc5b.jpg

So that is what I did in this case.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0581_zps9d90bc6c.jpg

I also found some old vintage ribbon in a bag at the local thrift store.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0615_zpsd31b3b46.jpg 

It came in handy when I wanted some ribbon around my candles.

I love this little bottle brush tree display I have on my piano. 

 photo HolidayDecorating-0563_zps5eaa074d.jpg

To fill in the gaps, I picked up some trees found at the dollar tree.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0564_zpsf3b24e0e.jpg

We also used these trees to make the snow globes.  We made them by using $ store trees, glue, mason jars, glitter and fake snow.

When making the banners for my trees, I also found these silver letters in the Target $ spot.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0545_zps90ad1929.jpg

One of my fav. additions to my tree.

I hope this inspires you to use items you find in inexpensive places as Holiday décor.

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KW said...

Love it all, such good ideas. I need to get those chalkboard tags from mom and find me some letters to make some banners!

Jen said...

SO beautiful. All the embellishments make the simplest things seem grand.

fancyhope said...

Love how it all looks together! When making the garland with letters on your tree how did you attach the letters to the string?

Andrea said...

fancy hope. I used hot glue. I hope that helps you.

Andrea said...

fancy hope. I used hot glue. I hope that helps you.

Amanda B said...

fantastic ideas.. and well guess I will make tags for the stockings after all :)

Robin said...

Where did you get the lights {stars} on the porch from?

Andrea said...

Ikea. Super cheap.

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