Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day three: Use what you have and make it better.

One of my favorite parts of decorating for the holidays is using what I already have.  I also enjoy finding ways to make it work better or look better.

Here are some of my tricks:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0559_zpsdaa01e08.jpg

Make your lamps sparkle.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0566_zps0d34dfa2.jpg

By adding a little ribbon and ornament.

I had some extra fabric floating around; and I made this pillow “sew” easily with a little wonder under.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0593_zpsab2599c6.jpg

Add some extra ornaments to your bowls and décor you have laying around.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0584_zps1567fba3.jpg

This bowl is full of the ornaments that my kids got sick of hanging on the trees.

Even if your décor colors don’t go with Christmas, find a way to add to it and make it work.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0586_zps56a2dec6.jpg

Coral is not really a Christmas color, but looks great once I paired with my holiday stuff.

I already had these flour jars:

 photo HolidayDecorating-0576_zps1c1c1b40.jpg

It was fun to make a Gingerbread city inside.  This idea I found in a magazine from BHG.  They had made their own gingerbread.  I cheated and bought a kit all ready made.

I bought these place card holders several years ago.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0574_zps95454385.jpg 

This year, I added snowflakes to the holders instead of name cards.  Just a new way to use them.

I have a pretty terrarium on my coffee table.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0558_zps0b3b4bbd.jpg 

I changed it out and added some ornaments and pinecones to the candles already inside.

I have no where to hang stockings in our basement.  I have two sets of stockings, and I needed a place for my red stockings.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0582_zps72589d7d.jpg

I decided to use my bookshelf as a place to hold stockings; since there is no fireplace mantle in the basement.  I am still trying to come up with an idea, but I like the bookshelf for now. I would love to hear your ideas.

I already had a pinecone wreath.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0563_zps5eaa074d.jpg

I just made it more wintery with white spray paint, gold balls, and gold ribbon.

This bowl is the centerpiece on my table.

 photo HolidayDecorating-0573_zpsc67ff1bc.jpg 

It was fun to add my pinecones and ornaments to it.

It is so fun to just use what you have and add to it.

Use your creativity and make what you have work.

Happy Decorating.


JPAmom said...

You are super talented!! I love the palette you used--so clean and fresh!! Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

Ritu said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I love how you make simple things look amazing and expensive through your creativity. So inspired! Thanks Andrea!!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, Andrea. You truly are creative. BUT surely you are missing that mural in the boys room from 4th Ave. We are having our hot choc bar this Sat and wish you could be here.

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