Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photo Dump… Conference Weekend

Just recently, I promised myself to take more pictures of the everyday?

I don’t know what happened to me in the last year.

I was the girl who carried her camera everywhere she went, and now all the sudden I forget to take it to my Nephew’s baby blessing?

 photo HankBlessingPhotos-0033_zps26881757.jpg

(I did get a few later in the evening, but it was getting dark; still adorable little Hank)

 photo HankBlessingPhotos-0011_zps0bdc9205.jpg

Maybe I was worried about being “that girl.”  You know the one who always has her camera in your face.

Maybe I was worried that my back would get worse from lugging that camera around.

Then I remembered I like being that girl, and who cares about my back.

Memories are more important to me.

So… I will be trying to do some photo dumps around here; hopefully once a week. 

I will share pics from my big girl camera, and my iphone.  You should be able to decipher the two.  If not; I must not be much of a photographer with my big girl camera.

I will just be dumping pictures here that remind me of great times.

Like General Conference weekend; for example.

General Conference is a weekend for us to gather in our homes as members of the LDS church to listen to our leaders via; tv, internet, or radio.

We played a fun game this weekend.

 photo Conferenceweekend2of19_zps7934d917.jpg

I filled bowls with different pieces of candy and a word that they might hear from our leaders.  When they heard it they could pick that candy to eat.  This made them listen.

 photo ConferenceWeekend-001_zps1678bceb.jpg

There was lots of time spent jumping between sessions on Saturday.  Of course in pajamas, because that’s how we roll on Conference Weekend.

 photo ConferenceWeekend_zpsd12f6ade.jpg

Jex is putting to use what he learns in tumbling.

On Saturday, Jonathan took the boys to dinner and I took the girls.


We went to Kneaders.  I laughed when Stella  bit the head off her ghost cookie and said, “look, it’s Mike Wisouski.”


Stella also spent the weekend braiding my hair.  She would braid it while we listened to Conference.


She is getting really creative.

We made monster cookies.  Our version of Monster cookies is any cookie recipe and dump in whatever goodie you have.

Conference weekend (14 of 19) 

We added:

caramel bits, reeses pieces, chocolate chips, and toffee pieces.  YUM!!

We ended the weekend with FHE on Monday.

We used a sponge to talk to our kids about soaking up the gospel and sharing it with others.  When a sponge is full, there is always extra water to share.

Conference Weekend-002

It’s weekends like these that I don’t want to forget.

Stay tuned for more memories from this week.

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Eileen said...

I love that conference game idea!

Charity said...

Hi Andrea! I have a question/favor to ask of you...would you be willing to take a look at a picuture a friend took of my family and give me advice on how to possibly remove a few sun spots that are are mine and my sons face? I'm very new to photoshop and don't know all the tricks yet. You can send me a personal email too if that would be better. Thank you!!

Amanda B said...

I love that game and sponge idea. Going to keep that in my files!

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