Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Angel Baby.

Ruby June would be 2 today.

Ruby 6

Oh, how we all miss her.

Ruby bw-14

My sister Kristin is celebrating Ruby and her 15 days on earth, with 15 days of giveaways.

All of the giveaways can be found on my sister Kristin’s blog.


You won’t want to miss it.

Show your love to Ruby by entering the giveaways.

Make sure to check in each day to see what is being given away.

I am giveaway #1, so follow this link to Kristin’s blog to check it out.

…and enter so I can send YOU all the free goodies I have picked out.

Here on JandA&Co. I am honoring Ruby’s birthday by sharing a FREE printable that I made to celebrate her life.

Ruby small card prints

It is a collection of quotes full of goodness. 

Just like Ruby, a sweet baby that is full of goodness.

You can download it here.

This page is designed to be printed as an 8x10.  I printed mine at the local print shop.

Then each little card can be cut into 2x3 inch cards.

They look adorable pinned on a bulletin board to serve as a reminder of the important things.


They would also be great to print and attach to gifts as a little gift tag.

Any way you choose to use them; please use them for good.

Let them serve as a reminder of the sweet little angel we miss so dearly.

That little angel who lives with Jesus now.

Happy Birthday Ruby.

The Swenson family misses you.

We are all wearing red today. 

I know red is your favorite color.

We hope you are eating red velvet cake today.

I bet red velvet cake from heaven’s bakery tastes better than what we can buy here; I bet it is heavenly.

We love you.


KW said...

Thank you for this sweet post and message. Love all the printables. Thanks again for all you have done for her birthday.

Marji Jim Anderson said...

so sweet and I love the prints you made!

happy_wife said...

Your letter to her was beautiful. No dry eyes here! I love the printables you created for her birthday. They are wonderful! What a wonderful family you have!

Colleen said...

such a beautiful tribute!

Amanda B said...

oh bless you Ruby.. god needed you more. thanks for the gorgeous printables.. what great memories you are creating for this gorgeous little girl. xx

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