Monday, July 1, 2013

Recent proud moments…

Even though our life has been turned upside down as of late; we have had many moments around here that I am so proud of.

Moments that are worth documenting.

1. Coming to the end of this medical school, residency, fellowship, and moving all over the world journey.

 photo JonathansGradParty-0424ed_zps05b8a8ba.jpg

2. Realizing how hard it has been, but coming through the other side stronger and better.

3. Watching Jonathan as he accepts his fellowship awards; knowing how hard he has worked.

 photo JonathansGradParty-0446_zpsc64039c7.jpg

4. Getting the news that he passed his boards.  Jonathan is board certified.  WOW!!

 photo Jexarrowoflight-0014bw_zps94a0b57a.jpg

5.  Watching Jex receive his Arrow of Light. Knowing how hard he worked to receive it.

 photo Jexarrowoflight-0032_zpsfaade172.jpg

6.  Seeing my husband stand in that room during Jex’s ceremony as an Eagle Scout.

 photo Jexarrowoflight-0047_zpscef62262.jpg

 photo IMG_3357_zps74020ef3.jpg

7. Being there when Isaac graduated from Kindergarten.  My sweet boy is growing up.

 photo IkeKgraduation-0077_zps646260c7.jpg

8. Celebrating as my kiddos finished another successful school year.

 photo IMG_3362_zpscbc0e490.jpg

 photo Kidslastdayofschool_zps4cffaf99.jpg

9.  Listening to Jex and Stella play at their final piano recital with their PA teacher.  They did amazing, and she taught them well.

 photo PianoRecital-0403_zps0462eb09.jpg

All these beautiful moments that make a mom and wife proud.

Moments to count my many blessings.


Eileen said...

Congrats! On all of the above. Now get your butts HOME!

Alison Woods said...

Yes, you made it! It was a long road, but one you will never regret. Good luck in Utah!

Amy said...

Congrats to all of you! :) Safe travels on your move HOME! :)

KW said...

Proud moments for sure! Congrats on everything.

Colleen said...

congrats! you guys have been busy in a very good way!

Letti said...

You are such a good mom. Good luck on your new adventure.

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