Thursday, June 27, 2013

How is summer camp going?

Remember our plans for Summer Camp?

It was my plan to be deliberate, and not loose control of our summer.

I have officially lost control.

Not of the summer, but mind, body, and soul.

Moving does that to a person’s mind.

I am thankful I made a plan so that I could maintain some sort of order in the midst of all the madness.

I wanted to give you an update of how it has all been working for us. 

It started off great….

and then it was time to get ready to move.

The benefit to the plan has been that I have stopped what I need to do, and do what we had planned to do.

The downfall is that plans change.

Luckily; I told my kids they would.

We have still had a great summer. 

We have crossed many things off our list, and even added a few new plans.

The morning routine works well on the mornings we don’t have to run out of the house.

We have learned to be a little flexible with it, and haven’t been as strict with the time frame.

It has made the kids accountable for themselves which I am thankful for.

I hope that once we settle in that our summer will be even smoother.

We have also been flexible with our days.  If something comes up, we change our plans and work in the original plan when time allows.

What would I change?  (every good plan needs adjusting)

I wouldn’t make them do the morning routine everyday.  We have kind of found that 3 days a week works well for us.

I have found that I hate FRIEND FRIDAY.  My kids are playing with friends all week anyways, and I don’t want the pressure of creating some friend activity.  Honestly, by Friday I am exhausted.  So Friday became FREE FRIDAY instead.

FREE FRIDAY is just that.  The Freedom to do whatever you want, including playing the computer and the Kindle at no charge.  Those are a small token fee at our house; so FREE feels awesome to them.  Our kids love the idea, and can still play with friends during the week.  This is a great day for me to catch up on the things I let go all week, because I have no plans and no one to entertain.  It is my favorite change.

Here is a peak at a few things we have done in the last two weeks:

 photo SummerCamp_zps5ca9d36e.jpg

Our first make-it Monday craft (firework art)

 photo SummerCamp-001_zpsdf258c27.jpg

A trip to Perry Dell Farm to see how small businesses work in America. 

 photo edit_zps0e2dd079.jpg

I won’t ever forget how beautiful it is in Pennsylvania.  The farms here are amazing.

We were able to change our plans some and make a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium and the Inner Harbor.

 photo BaltimoreAquarium-0249_zps27bc4d59.jpg

The kids enjoyed seeing all the big boats.

 photo BaltimoreAquarium-0228_zpsc502f10f.jpg

I enjoyed seeing the jellyfish and octopus.

 photo IMG_3495_zpsd14ff681.jpg

Jonathan took a few days off so we enjoyed being with him, and let our other plans go.

 photo IMG_3490_zpsa0bd77c7.jpg

We have had an enjoyable summer so far.

We have made as much time for friends as possible so that we won’t have any regrets. 

 photo groupkids_zpsad986828.jpg

I will admit I have had some really stressful moments; but I am doing my best to survive and get by.  Hopefully my family will forgive the crazy that comes out in me when it’s moving time.  Why is this so stressful?

Now we will prepare to enjoy the rest of our summer in Utah.

I hope y’all are having a enjoyable summer at your house.


KW said...


Darlene said...

It has been so busy that I haven't been able to visit your blog in ages. I'm so glad you're finally getting to move home! The kiddos are getting so big and are just gorgeous! I can't believe how big Tess is getting...she's a mini you! Take care and have a safe trip. I'll be sure to visit here more often :). XOXO

lauran crowl said...

Thank you Mrs. Swenson and Family for letting us pain divas get to know and work with your AWESOME husband... We will miss you guys dearly and hope you have a safe flight back home! If your ever back in PA, we would love for you to visit us!

Creative Cole said...

Baltimore Aquarium...ALL RIGHT! Fun times! I grew up there, and have taken many-o-fun visits to the inner harbor. My sis still lives there.

You are doing great! Better than I would be...moving is at the very bottom of my list. :)

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