Friday, April 26, 2013

What to do now?

My little Tess has stopped taking naps.

In the afternoon, while her siblings are at school; I am left to entertain.

This little 3 year old does not entertain easily.

She comes to me all day and says, “what I do now?”

There are a few things that I have found that will entertain her for a while.

 photo Muffintingame1of5_zps7069ede6.jpg

I made this fun little activity, and as long as I sit by her it will entertain her for quite a while.

You might enjoy doing this with your kids.

Start with a muffin tin.

 photo Muffintingame4of5_zps45550f25.jpg

Cut 12 circles out of different colors of paper to fit the bottom of the tin.

 photo Muffintingame2of5_zpsb4119e11.jpg

You will also need a cupful of buttons or beads in the same colors.

 photo Muffintingame5of5_zpsd20c77f7.jpg

Then let your little one separate the beads in to the right color of the muffin cup.

 photo Muffintingame3of5_zps64e88f56.jpg

It is a fun activity.

It also teaches them about colors; if that wasn’t obvious.

I have also made one for Isaac who is five and learning about numbers in Kindergarten.

He is actually obsessed with numbers.

His circles have numbers on them and then he counts the right amount of beads to put in the cup.

Both activities are a fun game, and time well spent.



KW said...

Remember how this lasted about 2 minutes with Luke when we were at your house? Ha!

Krysta said...

That is a great idea! I am going to do this tomorrow with Ady. I miss nap time!

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