Monday, April 15, 2013

Reverse and Neglect

Sorry dear blog.  I have neglected you over the last few weeks.   I took a little trip with my hubby to look for a new one of these…

 photo House-0515_zps699ebe77.jpg

It was a fun trip.

We found a beautiful house that we have under contract; hopefully to be ours in just a few months.

Before I left, I told myself that I would blog and get all the posts ready that I had planned for last week and this week; knowing full well I wouldn’t.

When I am on vacation, I have a hard time getting on my computer.  It seems like I should just take a break from it as well.

Even though I love some of the activities I do on my computer; scrapbooking, blogging, and blog reading; sometimes it is nice to just take a little break.

Before I left, I had planned on sharing some of our Easter activities.

   photo Easter2013-0351_zps933d3186.jpg

I will still share them because I like to have them included for my history sake; so I am going in reverse.

It was a beautiful weekend.

At one point I heard the kids say; this is just as exciting as Christmas.

I believe what makes it as exciting is that we have traditions for both holidays.

 photo Easter2013-0324_zps96f5f94e.jpg

The Easter Bunny comes to our home on Friday night.   We like to keep it separate from our Easter Sunday.

 photo Easter2013_zpsc8d7b07b.jpg

The Easter Bunny hid everyone’s baskets.  The kids enjoyed hunting for them on Saturday morning.

 photo edits19_zps9458aa41.jpg

They also did a little egg hunt in the yard.

 photo Easter2013-0369_zps3134c1a0.jpg

It was a nice long egg hunt.

  photo Easter2013-0359_zpsd028aabd.jpg

With way to much candy involved.

 photo Easter2013-0376_zps26e4cd41.jpg

I ended up filling 174 eggs; that is a lot of eggs to hid and find.

 photo Easter2013-0384_zpsa02dd90e.jpg

After the hunt, we dyed eggs like usual.

 photo Easter2013-0412_zps1830245b.jpg

I boil eggs and I blow the yolk out of some of the eggs as well.

 photo Easter2013-001collage_zps9b47f71c.jpg

We dye both kind.  Then we have the blown eggs to keep from each year as a memento and to use as Easter decorations.

 photo Easter2013-0481_zpsf00cee09.jpg

I will do a separate post on this coming soon. 

Each year, the Easter Bunny brings the kids a can of silly string in their basket.

 photo Easter2013-0422_zps556cadc3.jpg

(photo taken by Jonathan; so proud to see him use my 50mm lens so well)

We had our traditional silly string fight.

 photo Easter2013-002collage_zps1b2740b4.jpg

Tess laughed her head off the entire time.

 photo Easter2013-0493_zps2128f190.jpg

After just enjoying the day together, we ended our night with our 2nd Annual Glow in the Dark egg hunt; cute neighbor girl Lauren included.

 photo Easter2013-0497_zps87336dd2.jpg

It was a great day.

Easter Sunday was also just as wonderful. 

I enjoyed getting all of us ready in our Easter attire.  I wish we had a picture of the whole fam; as Jonathan and I also wore yellow.

 photo EasterFrame_zpse89eb779.jpg

We went to our friends the Mahoney’s for a beautiful Easter dinner.

 photo Easter2013-0512_zpsb90a56ce.jpg

We love the Mahoney’s and felt right at home with their whole family; it felt like we were celebrating Easter with our own loved ones.

This is something we have been blessed with every holiday.  We have been given friends to spend holidays with while we are away from our family.

Our church services were also just as lovely.  It was a beautiful day full of reminders of the Savior and his resurrection.

We ended the night watching these two beautiful videos.

I hope you enjoy them as much as our family did.  You won’t want to miss these.  It is worth taking the time with your family to watch them.  Even if you are not a Mormon; these are wonderful for Christians everywhere.


April said...

The house in the first pic is beautiful! Congrats on being under contract! Your kids look amazing in their coordinating outfits. You make having 4 kids look easy. :)

Krysta said...

It looks like you had a wondeful Easter!

KW said...

174 egss?? I think I filled 6 eggs for Luke, he is definitely going to want to go see A for Easter next year.

Creative Cole said...

Good Job! And ummm, I don't think 2 weeks is slacking. I didn't blog the whole month of March-oh dear!

Love your Easter traditions, ours are similar as well. And you did a great job making your kids Easter outfits! :)

Desiree Brazil said...

Just wanted to say that your child are simply idyllic! So beautiful!!!! And I agree with April you make having four kids look soooooo easy! Everyone is always dressed so stinkin cute. I love the girls clothes. I have a 21 month old daughter and would love to know where you get their clothes from!

Colleen said...

oh my gosh, the outfits are adorable!!! love it. So glad you had a great day.

piece of mind said...

congrats for having the house under contract! I love it the first time I saw the pic! ur family is such a blessed!

piece of mind said...

congrats for having the house under contract! I love it the first time I saw the pic! ur family is such a blessed!

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