Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eggs, eggs, more eggs, and chocolate eggs.

Well, I must say I was a bit of a loser when it came to decorating for Valentines this year.  I. did. nothing.  Seeing that my kids love holiday decorating so much; I decided I should pull out a few Easter things.

 photo Spring_zps79ef8b3d.jpg

I am not much in to the holiday decorating that happens at the first of the year.  I go crazy for those end of the year holidays, but the others just seem to be in the way of my decorating style. 

 photo Egcellent_zps533a1573.jpg

I did it for the kids.

For these beginning holidays, I keep it simple; or I don’t do it all as was proof with Valentines.

 photo chocolate_zps4197f38d.jpg

As I wonder the stores; all I see is chocolate and more chocolate.

I love chocolate, but it makes me wonder what we are teaching our kids to celebrate when we celebrate Easter.

How does your family keep Christ and the resurrection in your Easter celebrations?

Our family has decided to keep the commercial part of Easter strictly to Saturday.

 photo EasterDecor2013-0188_zpscc3027e2.jpg

That means we have asked our Easter Bunny to deliver on Friday night.  That way our kids are not digging in to baskets when we should be preparing for a special church service.

 photo EasterDecor2013-0187_zpse5fe6428.jpg

We also have our Easter Egg hunt, and egg dying on Saturday as well.

When Sunday rolls around, we can put away the chocolate and focus on what Easter is really about:

The empty tomb.


April said...

Love the decorations. I think I am going to adopt your Saturday "commercial" Easter celebration too! That way it's done and over come Sunday morning we can just take our time getting ready for worship service.

Colleen said...

I like that idea. I feel the same way about early decorations. I know my kids love it so I'll do some but it's not as enjoyable as end of the year.

JPAmom said...

We have a Live Stations of the Cross at our Church on Good Friday and we as a family take part in it. It is heart wrenching and heart warming all at the same time. We also do our Resurrection Rolls on Easter Sunday.

Deanna said...

Last year we decided to put out our baskets for the bunny who would come to our house the night before the first day of spring. We also have a great selection of Easter books we read as we prepare for the celebration, and we do Resurrection Eggs together as a family each night (like an advent calendar) leading up to Easter. I am passionate about this holiday remaining holy.

KW said...

I have decided to do the same thing and I am separating out the names too. Saturday is called Spring day when the Easter bunny comes and Easter is about the Savior.

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