Monday, February 25, 2013

Ups & Downs

February has been a month full of it’s up and down.

I always know that life has been busy when I don’t have single picture taken with my Nikon during the month.

My camera is my passion.  Thank heavens for iPhones and the ability to take pictures with ease and convenience.

What have we been up to?

We started the month making a 100th day project.  Money does grow on trees.

tree cr

$100 dollars for 100 days of school.

We had a few sick days around here.


At the end of the first week of February, we received shocking news that our dear friends lost a daughter and a sister. 

Alesa was serving a mission for our church; and was killed in an accident.

The Smith family(including Alesa) was like our second family while living in Arkansas.

 photo AlesaSmithGraveside2of51cr_zpse8acfc27.jpg

I was lucky enough to travel to Arkansas to attend the funeral. It was a beautiful service that touched me and taught me.

I felt blessed to give the opening prayer.

I was touched to read these words in her program:

Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for a short time so others can be with their family for eternity.

We love you Smith Family.  We miss you Alesa.

Before I left for Arkansas, I worked quickly to get my kids Valentines done, and pack for Utah.

 photo kidsvalentine2013copy_zpsfa4032fc.jpg

I sent their Valentines to school early because we were in UT on the actual day.  I will share more about those little love notes later this week.

night flying cr

I came home from Arkansas late on Thursday night and we left for Utah early Friday morning.

We were happy to arrive in Utah.

four rounded corners with pennant

It was nice to see “the greatest snow on Earth.”

Jonathan and I had the opportunity to visit with several medical practices in UT; to decide if “This is the place.”

If you are from Utah you will understand my pun.(wink wink)

Along the way we also enjoyed:

photo (1)cr

being in Park City for a couple of days.  Jonathan did some skiing at the Canyons, and did a lot of convincing that this should become a new hobby for me. However, I really enjoyed hanging out in my nice warm hotel room in the Canyons.

utah collage 2cr

enjoying the little treasures in Logan; Herm’s Inn for lunch and Bluebird Chocolates(for Valentines of course); listening to our Nephew’s mission talk and saying goodbye as he leaves to Eugene, Oregon to serve our church for 2 years; he is also holding our new nephew that Jonathan and I got to meet for the first time; meet Joseph; and bowling with my family(six little people bowling, and seven adults; Tess was the winner.)

We are still in the process of figuring out where we will be in the next four months.  It is scary to finally be making the decision about where to settle down and plant some roots.  It is also exciting to decide where to settle down and plant some roots.

We are using a lot of faith on this decision.  Pray for us.


We are back in PA now.  Trying to settle in.

I threw a baby shower the day after we got back.  It was really fun. I love friends.  What a great gift from God.


Speaking of baby; my sister decided to have this little cutie just two days after I left Utah.  Meet: Liam Mark Robbins.


Liam you were two days late!  I guess you will have to wait a few more months to meet your Awesome Auntie Andrea.

I have also been trying to catch up on housework, laundry, 1/2 birthday treats for all 3 August birthdays, visits to the dentist, helping out some friends; and fighting a nasty cold.

Not to mention Stella is home sick today with the stomach flu.  YEAH!!

It’s good to be home.

I swear it is so much colder here in the East then it is in UT.  This wet, windy, chill you to the bone cold is extreme.  I think I like the dry sunny cold better. 

Maybe Utah really is the place.


Andrea said...

I know what you mean about being busy, i feel it too! and i haven't picked up my camera in weeks. so sad, but these days are just flying by me and i'm just trying to soak them all in any way i can.

Colleen said...

love the valentines card.

you must be excited about the prospect of being in Utah : )

Anonymous said...

Utah looks gorgeous!!!

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

It IS the place! Looks like you had a fun visit and a crazy busy month. Baby Liam is adorable. He is a lucky kid to have so many awesome aunties! ;)

Creative Cole said...

It would be SO fun to have you in Utah.

Yes, ups and downs, you are doing a great job with it all!

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

How fun for your family. A lot of fun stuff going on. I have a nephew that is going to the mtc on wed. I also have a sister and brother in law who live in Bend, OR I think it might be in his mission. Kris and Sonya Davis how fun if they crossed paths.

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

How fun for your family. A lot of fun stuff going on. I have a nephew that is going to the mtc on wed. I also have a sister and brother in law who live in Bend, OR I think it might be in his mission. Kris and Sonya Davis how fun if they crossed paths.

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

I truly am So very excited for you and your medical adventure to finally be coming to a close...Jealous...but soo excited! Congrats! I wish we could have chatted but it was great seeing you for the little glimpse that it was and pray that you will be at peace with the coming decisions! I can't wait to hear where you end up!!! I keep thinking of you and you may just have a phone call coming your way one of these days...I am sorry you are under the weather...Wow what a crazy compact, busy, month you had! But if anyone is capable of pulling of that kind of busy it is you, my talented friend! You are missed around here...Good luck in these next Closing months, I have ALWAYS loved Utah...But Arizona is in our bones!!!

Kari said...

For selfish reasons only: my vote is for you to move back to Utah so Krysta will come visit us more often.
Good luck with your decision!

Tara said...

I don't envy you this time in your life - it was borderline insanity-inducing for us. :) But you have some wonderful options and possibilities ahead of you!!! I'm excited to see what comes for your family - I'm sure you are, too. :) It looks like you are handling all the crazy with usual Andrea flare - amazing! Good luck with the next few months!!!

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