Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Valentines(really late)

We spent our Valentines Day away from our children.

My lover lover and I happened to be in Logan, Ut; while the kids were their grandparents in Central Utah.

I missed them.  We got home early evening on Valentines and I granted the kids with their own box of chocolates and a sweet message of what I love most about them. It was fun to see them smile proudly when I told them why I loved them.

I think a holiday to remind people while we love them is beautiful.

Speaking of chocolates, and beautiful people that I love, Jonathan gifted me these sweet chocolates from Bluebird.  A favorite spot in Logan.

candy cr

Awe.  I love this man.

I had these great intentions of posting our Valentine ideas while we were traveling; I was just too mentally exhausted.

I figure with the beauty of Pinterest I can still post it now; and if you like the idea you can pin it for next year.

Sorry I am a little late, or you could look at it like I am a year early.

Jex came up with his Valentine idea.  He is really in to Pok√©mon right now.  He thought it would be fun to use the character “Axew” , and say “Axew" a question; like ask you a question.

I thought he was brilliant.

 photo Valentine20133copy_zps70702ae4.jpg

I came up with the idea to add “popped” and share popcorn, his favorite treat.

 photo jexcr_zpsd9330090.jpg

We stapled a package of popcorn to the back of his card.

Stella wanted to use owl’s on her card; she has her mother’s fascination with them.

 photo Stellavalentine2013copy_zpsfbe98d4e.jpg

We decided to use this printable that I already made for years past and put them on the water bottles.

Water Bottle Printable

Click on the image above to take you to the printable download.

We attached her printed Valentine with some cute pom trim and stapled a red drink packet to it as well.

 photo collagecr_zps7b741e0c.jpg

This Valentine was a hit; because it is unique. 

Isaac picked out fun dip for his treat.

 photo Valentine2013copy_zps600feaf0.jpg

That made for a very simple saying; but an adorable Valentine.

 photo valentineideas20132of4edcr_zps57c9bf6e.jpg

We also stapled his treat to the back.

…and just because I can’t leave out the littlest cutie:

 photo Valentine2013copytess_zpsf377f5db.jpg

We made her one too.

To answer any of your questions, I made all of these in Photoshop CS5, you could also use Photoshop Elements.

I used some of the same techniques that I used to digital scrapbook.

I then upload them to my favorite printing sight as a 4x6 image and have them printed.

I love how personal the Valentine becomes.

I also love that with a possible move; their friends can remember them with a picture.

…and if I wasn’t feeling so mentally exhausted on Valentines Day, this is what I would have posted to send all my love to you.

 photo kidsvalentine2013copy_zps51fd0db7.jpg

Happy Love Day… only a few weeks late.


April said...

So cute! Your kids are just adorable! Like they need to be models in catalogs cute. I would love to know where you got the paper that looks like it has doilies on it.

Colleen said...

ok they are all adorable but by far, Tessa's is my favorite. so cute!

Alison Woods said...

Oh my goodness, your children are GORGEOUS! How do you stand it? Super cute Valentines!

Letti said...

I wish I had half your creativity. They turned out great!

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