Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting Festive {Part 3}

Happy Monday.

Ok… I promise this is it.  Today you will get to see the last of the Christmas details around here. 

Today, you will see a few details that are happening outside.

Can I just mention that I spent hours hanging lights outside, and now they won’t work.  They quit and then I get them to work, and then they quit and then I get them to work, and then they quit.  I AM NOT GIVING UP.  I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT.  When I do, you will be the first to know.

…and then a little peak of some of the details in my kids rooms. 

Just to note: please don’t mind the crazy mural behind my boys decorations; it came with the house.  It is not mine to take down.  So… I just pretend it isn’t there.  Will you do that also?

Enjoy part 3:





PhotobucketSee the mural?  It is really a giant monkey.  It kind of looks like the deer on the dresser are just prancing through the jungle.  See we can pretend that this mural goes well with my boys decorations.


Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your week.


Anonymous said...

Yep. That wreath is a gonner. AND the girls room is phenominal! I can't get past Lauren's junk so I don't even try to decorate her room. Fab!

Letti said...

I want to decorate my kids rooms now. I love how the decorations tie into their color schemes. You have such a wonderful eye for decorating. You should offer your services ;)

Simply Domestic said...

Love the kids room! All you decorations are adorable!

Amanda said...

Love the decorations!
May I offer a word of advice on the lights? You can purchase a little light tester for around $15. It will let you check the bulbs, fuses, and has a prong where you can touch anywhere along strand and see if that section is the culprit. Good luck :)

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