Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Reads….

I love October!! YEAH!! It is finally here.

One of my favorite things to do during this time of year is cuddle up and read to my kiddos.

I wanted to share a few of our favorite Halloween books.

Halloween Decorations-0238

Franklin’s Halloween by Paulette Burgeois and Brenda Clark.

This happens to be my kids all time favorite book.  We got it when we lived in the Caribbean and as you can tell, it has made the journey with us to each destination.

Halloween Decorations-0239

This book even inspired both my boys to be Frankenstein or “Franklinstein” as he is known in the book, for Halloween.


My mom picked up the next two books for my kids a few years ago.  They are written by Mark Kimball Moutlton and illustrated by Karen Hillard Good. 

They have a few other holiday books that we have found to be adorable.

The illustrations are amazing…

and the message is always really sweet.

Halloween Decorations-0231

Twisted Sistahs is about three witch sisters with the most adorable names.  My kids laugh every year when I read it to them. (most of the time I am laughing too.)

Halloween Decorations-0230

Miss Fiona’s Stupendous Pumpkin Pies has an adorable message about the beauty within.

Halloween Decorations-0233

Both books rhyme which make reading them pure enjoyment.

Halloween Decorations-0234

Finally, Mouse’s first Halloween by Lauren Thomspon, and illustrated by Buket Erdogan.

Halloween Decorations-0235

This book is simple.   A perfect nap time story for a toddler.

Halloween Decorations-0237 

It goes through fall and Halloween treasures that we look forward to each year.  It is not spooky, and does not scare young children.

It just helps get them excited about this time of year.

I love every thing about this season.  I love the feeling that is in the air.

I like to help produce that feeling at home a little too.

Good books, can always do that.

For more about children’s books, and reading to your kids; go here.

Oh, and if mother nature was trying to help play along with this holiday season, look what creepy thing was right outside my house yesterday morning. I almost walked right in to it.

Halloween Decorations-0149

He fits right in around here. 

Halloween Decorations-0159

Speaking of that; I hope to share my Halloween decorations tomorrow.

Want to sneak a peak?


Halloween Decorations-0184

Now. I. will. see. you. tomorrow.

That’s a promise.

Happy reading.


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