Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I am in the gift giving mood. 

I am already making out my Christmas gift list, and I have even started buying a few things on that list.  It is so nice to be ahead of the game.

I like putting together gifts for other occasions as well.  I even like to put something together for someone just because.

I have come to realize how a small gift can make a huge difference in someone’s day. 

I haven’t always been good at gift giving. 

I am still learning, and trying to be better at it.

Here are a few bits of info that I believe is good to think about when it comes to gift giving.

1. an unexpected gift is the best kind of gift

2. it doesn’t have to cost much

3. sometimes a simple card or thank you in the mail is one of the most beautiful gifts

4. how you package the gift says that you spent time putting it together

5. a gift shows love for someone that you care about

6. pick up inexpensive items as you see them, and store them away so that you have something when you need it

7.I like consumable gifts that can be used up

8. I also think it is fun to give something that someone might not buy for themself


Here is an idea of a fun gift that I sent to my sister in law who recently had a baby. It is killing me that I can’t snuggle the precious little thing.  I am also dying inside that he could possibly be one before we get to see him.  Sometimes it just stinks living away from our family.  The fact that I can’t hold little newbies born into our family is one of the downfalls. So I send them gifts.


I just had to put two packages together.


One for the baby, and one for her four other children.  I think they needed a little something too.

I found a fun outfit for the new little man.  (Hint: if you buy a bigger size for a baby, you can usually find something on sale or clearance because it is out of season.  I always liked getting something that my baby could wear in the future.)


My favorite part was putting them together in these neat boxes. 

This is one example of the fun present tools I stock up on.  I found these in the Target $$$ spot.  I find the dollar spots at Michaels and Target to have great tools for gift giving. Tags, stickers, twine, boxes, and notecards have been just a few things I stock up on from these places.

I made a tag with names on them from cardstock and left over scrapbook stickers.


I used twine to tie it the box.  Simple as that.

In the box for my nieces and nephew and new baby older siblings, I sent cookie making supplies.


I kept it simple so that the older children could do this independently.


Pre-made frosting, sprinkles, a cookie mix and cookie cutters give the kids something to look forward to in the midst of all the new baby chaos(at least there is always chaos here, I am sure my SIL has it under control), and it helps them know that we are thinking of them too.


Another fun gift idea is to leave a gift for your house guests.  I recently had a few houseguests.


I enjoyed leaving them a little gift on their bed.  It was such an inexpensive gift, but I hope it told them I was thankful for them coming to see me.


I included a note with my gratitude for them making the journey. I also made sure the little people got a gift.  A water bottle just for them to use at our house was a fun addition to their little gift box.

A little bit of time and effort spent in to making someone feel special can change their day. 

I am hoping to make a better effort with this.

I am going to continue to work on my gift giving, and simple gestures.

Speaking of gifts…

Ruby 6

This little gift was born a year ago this Thursday. 

I can’t believe it has been a year since Ruby’s birth.

To honor and celebrate her fifteen days on earth, my sister and blogger friends are hosting 15 days of giveaways.

You are not going to want to miss this.  It is going to be a tremendous way to honor such a special spirit.

Ruby 7

Ruby was born on October 11, 2011, so Kristin will kick off the giveaways on her blog this Thursday; Ruby’s Birthday.

Then keep checking back each day as she links to a new blogger who will host a new giveaway.

Fifteen days of Ruby goodies.

Ruby 2 

I love that Ruby is still passing on her love.

To show your love and pass on a gift of your own, please participate in my sister’s challenge.

A random act of kindness can be such a beautiful gift.

Thanks for taking part in this, and supporting my sister and our family. 

We feel your love.


Marji Anderson said...

love these ideas!

Enjoying this beautiful life we've created said...

Excellent post!! I've never commented but I just love your blog :) Your new home is beautiful. My Husband is from PA! We also recently rented out our brand new home in NC and bought an older home in TX in July. So I really enjoyed your posts on moving :) I have me best friend visiting from DE this week and I want to get together a little gift for her too :) She's always been the best gift giver!

Andrea said...

Such good gift giving ideas! I love giving gifts you're right small gestures go along way in making people feel so special.

Emily said...

I love your gift giving ideas! I love giving gifts as well, there is just something so fun and exciting about the smallest gift! Thanks for your fun tips!

Lorinda said...

uhh, we don't have the chaos under control, but are all happy in the midst of it! Thanks for the cutest gifts. We will be making those cookies soon....Loves.

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