Monday, August 27, 2012

Lots of Firsts….

The kids started school today…


their first day at a new school.


their first day at school in PA.


first day of school at separate schools(it is K-2 and 3-5 here)


first day to ride the bus.


the first time mommy didn’t walk them in to school.


….and this is Isaac’s first day of  elementary school; ever!

He is going to half-day afternoon Kindergarten; I just dropped him off.  (boo hoo)


Which is another first for me.  I never send my August five year olds to school.  I have waited until they are six.  I have my reasons. (to be explained later)

He is excited.  It is only for 2 1/2 hours vs. the 8 hours they went to Kindergarten in AR.  (are you understanding some of my reasoning?)


…and a first for me.  Having them all come home on the bus; Isaac also.

I am at home with the last little munchie.


She is napping.

A first for me all summer… quiet.

Now here’s to hoping the kids come home on that bus. 

Can you tell mommy is a little anxious?


Leslie Posey said...

they are all so cute! I bet its pretty quiet at home with just tess for a few hrs! Isaac looks so big going into Kinder! We are riding the bus this yr too...Its been really nice b/c she is the last to get on and the first to get home! She seems to love it too. We will continue unless problems begin to occur!

Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

This may sound silly, since I don't even know you, except through blogland, but that little Isaac just melts my heart! He is so stinkin cute! All of your kids are just adorable, but that little smile is so sweet. Good luck with the first day, I am dreading the first day for my little girl and she isn't even two, yet. :)

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

How fun! My kids ride the bus, and I LOVE IT! When we moved here, though, my 2nd grader missed his stop and got off somewhere else. The only way I could identify him was to say he was {this} tall with a backpack. 20 scary minutes later,we found him a few blocks away. He was walking in the right general direction. :) Enjoy your quiet time!

Brandi said...

Aw, such cute kids! Great pics! I had a melt down today after dropping my kids off. SAD!!

Eileen said...

Life moves on. I hate it! Enjoy EVERY sweet moment! You have really darling kids, BTW.

Pam said...

They all looked adorable for their first day of school! Glad you survived it! It's hard to let them go! I remember !

valerie said...

love their outfits and your photos are great too!Stella looks adorable...I want that outfit! Love her style! Enjoy the quiet and your little are an inspiration. Hugs

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