Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cake Boss

Stella loves cake decorating.  She loves to watch television shows where they decorate cakes.  We decided that a Cake decorating party would be perfect for her; after all she is the cake boss.

Of course the day of Stella’s party was overcast and rainy; as it always is here in PA.  I was so bummed because I wanted more light for my pictures.  We made the most of it.  I hope you enjoy!!

This is her invitation:

eighth birthday copyblur

With important info blurred; of course.

We picked 5 sweet friends from church.  She picked them just days after moving in.  We hardly knew anyone, but we were excited to have them over.  They ranged in age from 8-10 so it was the perfect age for this sort of party.  These girls are at the age where they love to craft.  These girls are in Activity Days with Stella at church.

We used cupcake liners as our party décor.  Stella strung the cupcake banner together a few days before the party.  We use some thick thread and a paper needle to make it easy.


I also made an apron for each girl.  This is one of those additions that I didn’t keep simple.  I had a free morning, and some vintage fabric from my MIL’s stash on hand.  It took me 3 hours or so, but was so worth it. This was completely FREE.  It just took me a little time.


We also used those as part of the décor until the girls arrived.  Each girl then picked out their apron.

Here is the Birthday girl in hers:


…and the six of them together.


Stella picked the colors of lime green and turquoise, and we tried to stick to it.  We pulled out her birthday decorations from her actual day, and reused them.


We decided that it would be fun for each girl to have their own cake.  That took some prep time before the party.  I made them about a week before.  I mixed them up one of the days that I was making cake anyway. I also made a big batch of white icing that day. I froze all of them, and then dirty iced them the morning of the party.


I also used the left over blue icing from Stella’s cake to fill cake decorating bags.  I also have several easy for kids cake decorating tools that work better then bags.  I bought those from Pampered Chef.


I attached several different tips.  I did this all the night before, and kept it in the fridge until morning.  We bought fun treats, and pulled out sprinkles from our stash to use on the cakes.


I thought it would be helpful for each girl to have a cake stand.  I made them out of a candlestick, and a glass plate that I picked up at the dollar store.


I glued them together a few days before the party with some 5 minute epoxy glue.  They cost $2 each, and took me about 15 minutes for 6 cake stands.  Simple. Simple. addition.


We started the party off by painting a wooden picture frame.  I picked these up for $1.  I gave them two colors to choose from; lime green and turquoise. I find that keeping things simple makes it less chaotic.  Two colors is the perfect amount to choose from.  They came up with some really fun ideas. Each frame looked different. Then we left the frames to dry.

We then set out to work on their cupcake liner flower pins(that is a mouthful.)  I gave each girl a bag with a few cupcake liners, a piece of felt, and pin that works to pin on a shirt. The felt circle is for the back of the flower and then the pin went on top of that to keep it sturdy. They came up with their own designs; I worked the glue gun.


I love how they all had the same items, and came up with something completely different.

Then they were given another bag with some jewels, buttons, and cupcake liners to adorn their frames.  I helped glue those on as well. I didn’t get one picture of the finished frames.  Photographer and Hostess; double duty.


It was finally time to decorate their cakes.  I showed them a few techniques with the bags and tips; and sent them on their way.

They all did a great job, and had so much fun.  I am so glad I had the cakes frosted for them, and just let them decorate them.  That is the part they loved, and it would have been difficult for them to frost the whole cake at this age. It is difficult for me at my age.


With Stella; more is always less. I love that girl. She just kept adding to her cake, and it turned out to be very decorated.  It also tasted very delicious.


When they were finished, I took their picture with their cake.


I am having them printed to put in the frames they made.  I fancied them up a bit, and added, “I am the Cake Boss!”


We opened a few gifts…


…and then ended the party with some fruit pizza.


(I was tired of making cake.)

I kept it simple and bought juice boxes for the drink.


The girls went home with a few party favors.  An apron, a cake and cake stand to share with their family.  They also took their flower pin, and frame.

I decided to make a Thank You to give them along with their picture for the frame. I am having this Thank you card printed as a 4x6 print.


I am having them printed as we speak, and will pass them out this week.

I also made one for Jex; and didn’t include it in his party post:


Thanks for checking out Stella’s Cake Boss party; it was such a fun morning. I was surprised at how relaxed I was.  I had such a nice time with these sweet girls.  My other kids were angels, and really helped me.  It was fun having a party again.  I think I might be able to tackle it again sometime.  My friend, Letti said “I do parties every four years; 4, 8, 12, and 16.”  I love that idea.  I might borrow that now that we are almost halfway through that anyway.  I am thinking 8, 12, and 16.  Do 16 year olds really want parties? I would love some feedback on that. 

Thanks again for checking out all our birthday celebrations.  I am gearing myself up for our last birthday this month.  Isaac will be five on Thursday.  I can’t believe he is going to be FIVE.  Stay tuned for his celebration.


Colleen said...

oh my goodness, this is such a great idea. Adorable party Andrea. Love all the little details and their cakes are so darn cute.

Andrea said...

such a fun party idea and theme! way to go Mom!

Amy said...

Unbelievable! How fun! I would love to have my own party like that! :) You truly make birthdays so special for your children! Love that!

Letti said...

Another great party. I love the idea of only having a few friends. I think it makes the party more intimate. I can't wait for the next party.

Alison Woods said...

You throw such great parties Andrea! Such style and fun! Love it!

julie said...

Another successful party with excellent activities that they receive as gifts to take home, brilliant idea. Love the colours of the decs and the aprons are so very cute too. Just amazingly fun theme.

KW said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Neat ideas too!

Marji Anderson said...

wow, i see why you don't do them every year :) looks like fun! I love the aprons. can't wait to see what you do for Isaac.

Beth Curtis said...

so cute!! I would have loved to have a party like that at her age. Those aprons are to die for!

Danee said...

Great job Andrea. I loved seeing the personal touches that you added to both of the kids parties. You do such a great job celebrating your children. Love the smaller number of children party idea.

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Loved All the fun ideas! I may have to borrow this one for Addy! You always do Fabulous job with the parties you throw! Such a cute idea! Great job!!!

Pam said...

So adorable, great job! I am sure Stella loved it!

Rogerson's said...

Those cake stands are Genious! Been talking about getting myself one, but they're always so expensive and this is such a great "party favor" for the girls... with 3 in the mix I'll definitely be using this idea. LOVE The cupcake liners too! Your kids parties are always over the top, so glad you survived August!

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