Friday, July 20, 2012

HOME… finally

We finally made it to our new home in PA.

It was crazy to see signs pointing to NYC on the freeway. 

arriving in PA (6 of 6)

Are we really that close?

It has been a long two months, since we moved out of our old house.  We have done so much since that time that it really does feel like a lifetime ago.

I am really tired…. but

happy to say we are finally settled.

As a mother, there is not a better feeling then having a home to raise your children in.  A place that feels familiar to them.  A place full of routines and continuity.

New house in PA (2 of 35)

Jonathan picked out our house mid-June.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  I love this house, the area, and our neighborhood.

Jonathan you did a great job.

We moved in last Wednesday, the 11th of July.

We are finally settled, with every thing put away and where I want it for the time being. 

I am ready to get back to our summer. This summer has been so different.  I think summer should be memorable.  Kids only get a handful of summers.  This one has definitely been memorable.

Many of you have asked for a peak of our new home. 

I took a few pictures today, and want to document this time in our life as well.

New house in PA (1 of 35)

I love this house.  We are renting it since we will only be here for a year. 

The home was built in 1940.

New house in PA (3 of 35) 

It is a cute cottage style kind of a home, with fun character.  It is located in one of those neat old established neighborhoods that never seems to loose it’s charm. You can tell it is rich with heritage.  A neighborhood with trees that line the streets.  I love that.

New house in PA (9 of 35)

The owners have worked very hard to update and restore this home.

They also chose some very bright paint colors for the walls, but we are working with them.  The colors in this house are very rich.

New house in PA (8 of 35) New house in PA (10 of 35)

They have done a very good job on the yard.

I love this yard.  We already have a garden.

New house in PA (5 of 35)

…and I finally have that hydrangea bush that I wanted.

New house in PA (6 of 35)

The yard is covered in flowers.

It also has a nice place for the kids to play with a great gazebo for me to chill under.  Now we need to get some great outdoor furniture.

New house in PA (12 of 35)

We also have a nice screened in porch.

New house in PA (14 of 35)

Here is a peak of the inside(BEWARE: PICTURE OVERLOAD):

The Den

New house in PA (16 of 35)

New house in PA (23 of 35)

this room is missing the railing on the stairs. They took it down so we could get our furniture up the stairs. We are waiting on the handy man to come put it back up.

The living room

New house in PA (18 of 35)

New house in PA (17 of 35)

The kitchen

New house in PA (19 of 35)

New house in PA (20 of 35)

The dining room

New house in PA (21 of 35)

New house in PA (22 of 35)

Main level bath

New house in PA (24 of 35)

Upstairs bath

New house in PA (29 of 35)

Master bedroom

New house in PA (26 of 35)

Do you see some of the paint choices I am working with here? I am actually pretty proud of how well I have made things work against such rich paint colors.  

New house in PA (27 of 35)

The girls room

New house in PA (25 of 35)

The office

New house in PA (28 of 35)

The boys room

New house in PA (35 of 35)

New house in PA (34 of 35)

The play room

New house in PA (32 of 35) 

Yes, you see it right.  Four colors on the wall in this room. I knew this room just had to be the playroom, and I actually like the way it turned out.  I think I might like it better with a more neutral color, but I am not complaining.

New house in PA (33 of 35)

It’s amazing how all the things we had in our other house can look different and similar all at the same time in this house.

Visit our old house here.

I am so thankful for the blessing of a house.

I have already jumped in to making meals again, and spending time being with the kids.  I am in heaven.  I am beginning to feel more like myself again. I have already thrown a birthday party for my sweet husband.

J's Birthday (2 of 2) 

Yes, he did turn one year older this week.  Happy Happy baby. We love you.

 J's Birthday (1 of 2)

We love him so much, we put together this ice cream bar and made a homemade dinner. I am thankful for him and all his hard work. Throwing him a party brought the ME back.  I am feeling even more like myself then ever before.

The kids have made numerous friends, have enjoyed a few outings, and love the neighborhood. They are also so thankful to be reunited with their toys and bikes.

…and Jex has already spent this whole week at Cub scout camp.  I think we have settled in.

I think it’s safe to say that we love Pennsylvania, and we are happy to be home.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us the last two months.  Thanks for your prayers, thoughts and concerns.


Kathy@mishmashmom said...

What a great house! Congratulations!

KW said...

I actually like the house a lot! The outside is adorable and exactly what I would want if I could choose a house like that. I think you have done awesome with the paint colors, it looks like you chose them to go with the decor!

Marji Anderson said...

everything looks awesome even with the bold paint colors. you got a new bed it looks like!

Stephanie said...

Seriously, you totally make that house your "home". Beautiful! And I'm jealous you are so close to NYC. Enjoy your experience there!

Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

I honestly think those paint colors go really well with everything! It looks like you chose them! So, you obviously did really well decorating and making it work. :) That is the most charming home I have seen in a long time. It is so cute! Love your style!

Pam said...

Loved your new home, it was fun to see you all in person and your cute house too!

Leslie Posey said...

wow, I feel really lazy now...I still have 4 boxes in my room, none of my pictures on the wall or the kids walls...I guess I had better get busy!! great job decorating!! your a pro! We miss you guys

Amy said...

What an adorable house! You have done a great job making it a home! :)

Patty Ward said...

WOW! What a busy and fun summer. I love what you've done to the house. You should really be an interior designer. I love the old charm in that house and those wood floors are gorgeous. See everything you can while you're on the Eastern part of the country. Patty

Home by Heidi said...

You make every house you live in AMAZING!!! I have a quick question for you. What paint color is in the girls room? I just LOVE it. I am in search for a grey nuetral color :) Thanks a bunch!

ChicChat said...

Congratulations! I am've lived there less than 2 weeks and have already turned this house into a home. Welcome Home!

valerie said...

wow! You are amazing! you just moved and it looks like a showplace and like home! All the best!

Andrea said...

so glad you're all moved in and it's feeling more like home. i can't believe how fast it's all unpacked & put together. great job!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. I love your pictures and the girls room is dear! You really have an eye for style. Welcome to Elmwood hood! Lauren is all set to play! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. I love your pictures and the girls room is dear! You really have an eye for style. Welcome to Elmwood hood! Lauren is all set to play! Sarah

katie@tulsadetails said...

It looks beautiful! You have such great taste!

Emma said...

We just sold our first house, it was almost 100 years old and in an established are. We loved it! It had so much character.

You have done a great job decorating your new house. I looks fabulous! I am bookmarking this post to reference as I decorate. Thanks for sharing.

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