Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Summer Moments.

As a mother, I begin to worry that I am not making my kids summer as memorable as mine was when I was a kid. 

I had great summers; full of awesome memories.  Of course, my summer memories are different then what is safe for kids to do now. 

I remember playing night games, riding my bike everywhere, walking uptown to buy penny candy, and swimming every. single. day.(My mom would drop us off at the pool and then come back and get us.)

I have been especially worried this summer.  It has been so crazy, and now that we are starting to settle in in PA; I am wondering if we have done anything great this summer.

So I went back through my pictures.  That is why I photograph everything.  I blog so that I can remember memories and thoughts. 

My pictures were full of moments that we had during our 5 weeks in Utah.  It really seems like a lifetime ago.  I almost forgot that we were even there for the first part of our summer.  We only left 20 days ago.   We have done so much since then; and my mind has been consumed with other things.

The kids had a great summer in Utah. …and so did I.

Here is a re-cap in pictures:

A hike to the Grotto:

Grotto (8 of 31)

this was a favorite of mine as a teenager.

  Grotto (10 of 31)

The kids begged to go back.

Grotto (30 of 31)

I think they really enjoyed being in the canyon. We don’t live near many mountains remember?

Grotto (3 of 31)

It is the perfect hike for the kids.

Grotto (28 of 31)

A picnic for Ruby’s eighth month anniversary:

Ruby's eighth picnic (4 of 32)

We took the kids to Ruby’s grave to have a picnic on the anniversary of Ruby’s passing.

collage ruby

Because our family missed her funeral, we were able to make her a promise and send it off in a balloon.

Ruby's eighth picnic (6 of 32)

They did that at her funeral.  It was nice for us to be a part of it.

Ruby's eighth picnic (7 of 32)

Tessa now talks about Ruby every day.

Ruby's eighth picnic (9 of 32) 

She sent her a balloon to heaven to see Ruby and Jesus.

Ruby's eighth picnic (12 of 32)

A surprise birthday party:

Kids party in Utah (1 of 36)

Since the kids all have birthdays in August(minus Tess), my parents through them a surprise birthday party.

Kids party in Utah (14 of 36)

Our family wanted to celebrate their birthdays with the kids this year.

Kids party in Utah (8 of 36)

(Jex and my Nana)

They were so surprised, and loved it.

Kids party in Utah (15 of 36)

I was in shock when I saw those numbers on the cake.  Are my kids really that old?

Kids party in Utah (13 of 36)

It was fun for them to get presents, and have a party with family.

Kids party in Utah (30 of 36)

A fun trip to see our cousins in Logan:

Mortensens (2 of 11)

We love Logan.

Pink Flowers (1 of 33)

We love our cousins that live in Logan.

Mortensens (9 of 11)

This was a great trip.

Pink Flowers (11 of 33)

We enjoyed lots of playing, and spending time together.


This was the trip that helped me re-group, and start to feel like myself again.

The best part about our trip to Logan was when Jonathan woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me he was there.  I was so shocked.  He was supposed to be in AR working.  He was able to come and see me for a few days.  I really needed that.  It was one of my all time favorite moments.  I will always remember how I felt when he surprised me.  We had the best time with him in UT.

….and because he came home, we got to spend Father’s Day with him.

Mom's for the summer (20 of 28)

which was awesome.

Mom's for the summer (28 of 28)

It was also nice to be able to spend it with our Grandpa’s. (wish I had a pic of Grandpa Jerald)

….thanks Utah for some great summer memories.

We hope to make some more here in PA.


Leslie Posey said...

I know that it has been a really busy summer for you guys but it seems like you DID make lots of great memories and ones that your kids will always remember! We miss you guys tons especially grayson! He talks about Isaac all the time! Tell miss Tessa that I miss her too!!

KW said...

We packed in a lot of in those couple of weeks! It was a lot of fun, glad I could be apart of it!
Can't wait to do it again in Sept!

Pam said...

Glad you could spend part of the summer at home with us! It was fun, but went by way too quick!

Leslie Posey said...

your hair is so pretty andrea...its gotten really long! My little Tessa's hair has gotten long too! Looking at your post again tonight made me miss you guys A LOT! I hate that we are all so far from each other now!

Stella said...

I had a great time reading this post and the previous post about your new home. It's good to read and see you are having great memories about this summer too. And your kids wil always remember this summer; you did an awesome job in between moving out of your house in Arkansas and getting settled in your new home in PA. And that's priceless; this summer is also an amazing summer for your children. I know for sure.

The sweet tribute to Ruby captured my heart. You're an amazing sister and this is so thoughtful of all of you....

I fell in love with the photos of your new home. I hope you will be happy there; the house look gorgeous!

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