Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sugar Cookies Tip and Tricks….. and recipe

Ya’ll know that I love a good cookie; especially a sugar cookie. My mom makes delicious sugar cookies.  Her sugar cookies don’t have to be rolled out, which is awesome when you want sugar cookies and don’t want to take the time.  Here is that recipe:

I have a great roll out recipe that everyone loves.  In fact, when I share these cookies I always get asked for the recipe.  I believe I have shared these before on J and A & Co., but I am going to share them again.

sugar cookies

My first secret is in the sour cream.  You add soda to it and set it aside.  The sour cream gets really fluffy.  It really is the secret ingredient to these cookies.

This is definitely one of those activities to get the kids involved with.

Stella is my sugar cookie girl.

Sugar Cookies-1 e

I absolutely hate all the work and time it takes to make sugar cookies so I always spread it out over 2 or 3 days.  That is tip number one.

This recipe has to chill so I make the cookies the day before we will actually bake them.  I usually do this part by myself.

The next day, is sugar cookie day.  We typically make sugar cookies for all the big holidays.  In fact, I collect cookie cutters.  I just can’t seem to help myself. They are just so cute.

Sugar Cookies-4e

I give each kid a part of the dough for them. 

Sugar Cookies-3e

I roll it out, and they begin cutting.  I make them leave all their cookies there, and I pick them up and move them. 

Sugar Cookies-5 e

I have found they always get destroyed when they pick them up; another tip for you.  I move them all to another part of the counter or a pan, and we begin again. 

Sugar Cookies-6e

We keep working until we have used all the dough, and we have a counter full of cut-out sugar cookies.

 Sugar Cookies-2

Tip three, I like to do it this way.  Then once they are cut the kids loose interest and I can bake in peace.   Then I begin baking them.   The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to over cook them.  Sugar cookies should be slightly under baked.  That way they stay soft.  They should never begin to brown on top.  You should pull them out when they are no longer doughy, but not too cooked.  Once they sit on the pan for a minute,  I move them all to a cooling rack to cool.  While I am baking and cooling, I mix up the frosting. 

I never ever use store bought frosting.  YUCK!!  I have a very simple recipe.  It is also included on the above card.  They key to the best sugar cookie frosting: a little shortening and some almond extract. See I am full of tips.

I typically stack all the cookies in a container and place them in the fridge along with the frosting.  I am always too wore out, or it’s time to make dinner and I just can’t get to frosting them. 

Don’t worry though, if we are ready for one, it is easy to grab one add a little frosting(that I already mixed up) and enjoy!!

I will frost the next day with out kids, and just save a few for them to do.  I always let them do the sprinkles.   I always put the cookies in the container or on the dish that I will serve them from before we apply sprinkles.  That way, all the extra sprinkles stay in the container. 

They are so adorable to give to someone you love. Remember we gave this plate to the kid’s teachers this year. The best part about that is they are giving them something that they had a part in making.

Valentines day e

One last tip, I always refrigerate my sugar cookies.  I love COLD sugar cookies.  There really is nothing better. 



Kelly said...

yum...looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! I have always adored these kind of sugar cookies and you are right, buttercream icing is best with shortening! It makes icing so light and fluffy. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos along with the recipe. PS. My grandmother always added a tablespoon of orange peel (zest) to her sugar cookies. It gives them that 'fresh' taste and is so christmassy too. Cheers! x

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot! At Christmas time, instead of adding the almond extract to the frosting, try a dash of peppermint extract/oil. Then your cookies taste like candy canes :o)

tricia said...

Maybe I'm just being dense, but I don't understand how much half a cube of butter is. Is it the same as half a stick?

Andrea said...

it is a half a stick or 1/4 cup. I hope that helps. Enjoy!!

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