Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What’s happening around here.

Since returning home from Krysta’s, I have organized and cleaned every nook and cranny of this house, garage, and attic.  Jonathan helped me with the garage.  It looks awesome.  We can even park both cars in there; a first in the Swenson house.  I wanted to get the house in order before we put it up on the market. 

I love to organize.  I love it so much, that I will push myself until the job is done.  In the midst of working on the house, I started to feel a little run down.  I didn’t let it get to me and I just kept pushing.  I should have learned my lesson by now.  I always end up getting sicker.

I have felt crummy the last two days.  I haven’t left the couch only for a few important tasks and meetings.  Today, I have stayed in my jammies all day and spent it snuggled up with the kiddos watching movies and reading books.  I don’t like feeling sick.  I am a busy body.  I do however appreciate when my body tells me it is time to slow down.

I am doing just that today; doctor’s orders.  The doctor even got up early, got ready for work, turned off my alarm, and got the kids off to school.  I  like him.  I think I will keep him.  He even  made dinner tonight, and let me just veg on the couch.

That gave me some time to do something productive while I sit.

I did a little scrapbooking.  I have been working on Tessa’s baby book over the last few months.  I am happy to say that I am making some progress.  I am thankful that I blogged about her.  All my blogging, helped  me fill in the blanks when it came to the journaling on my pages.  I love mixing my love for blogging with my love of photos and scrapbooking.  I think they make a great team.

Here are the latest additions  to Tessa’s book.  I have worked on these over the last month or so.

WARNING:  There are quite a few pages here.  I hope it inspires you to record.  As a parent, it is amazing how quick your memory fades.  Pictures and words are the best way to remember.  As I made these pages, I was so thankful that I had written down what she had been doing at the time.  I also recorded her stats at certain ages.  What a blessing scrapbooking and blogging are to me.  They hold the key to my memories.


Tessa Five months 1 copy 

 Tessa five months 2 copy

Tessa 6 months old copy

Tessa six months old copy

Easter 2010 copy

Easter 2010 2 copy

Tess you are loved 1 copy

Tess you are loved 2 copy

Tessa in six short months 1 copy

Tess in six short months 2 copy

Priceless copy

Priceless  2 copy

You made us complete 1 copy

you made us complete 2 copy

Seven months copy

Seven months 2 copy

For more information about how I scrapbook visit here.

For more scrapbook inspiration follow this link.  When you get to the bottom, click on older posts to see more.

Thanks  for looking.

Maybe I will be off the couch tomorrow. (cross your fingers)


Brandi said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well! Yeah for chilling on the couch and organizing the house! And the!! tooooo cute!!! Hope u start feeling better soon!!!!

Krysta said...

You motivate and inspire me to do so many things. Soon enough I will have scrapbook pages (and blog posts) to share with you too.

P.S. I love that Jonathan turned off your alarm and got the kids ready for school. I think he's a keeper. :)

Stella said...

Just one word; priceless. You are an amazing scrapbooker. These LO's are breathtaking!

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