Sunday, January 15, 2012

From Stella’s point of view.

Stella and her camera

Stella got a new camera for Christmas.  This post is her pictures and her own words.  She captured everything we did yesterday.

From Stella’s point of view/ January 14, 2012


This is my mom and Tessa just waking up.

January 2012

This is what I had for breakfast this morning.  My dad made us a tropical smoothie and cinnamon toast.


Tessa was having a fit because she was ready to get dressed.

January 20121

I got new Tom’s for Christmas.  I had to take them back because they didn’t fit.


Daddy helped us put together the floor puzzle that I gave Isaac for Christmas.


I went with my Mom and Tess to return the Tom’s and pick out a new pair.


Then we went to this store called The Toggery to see what Tom’s they had.

January 20122

The lady helped me try on several different kinds of Tom’s.

January 20123

These are the new Tom’s that I got.


After that, we met the boys for lunch at Applebee’s.


When we got home, we watched the movie Flicka.


We made food for the Baileys, because they just had a new baby.


This is baby Ellie. 


This is Tessa and I after we got out of the shower.  I take care of helping Tessa shower.  Sometimes, I even put her diaper and pajama’s on.


This is the doll I got for Christmas.  I am putting her pajamas on.  Her name is Avie.


We got to stay up late and watch a movie, with popcorn and treats.  


Then we went to bed.  I share a room with Tess.  This night, she climbed in to my bed and fell asleep in my arms.




Stella said...

I had so much fun reading and looking at this post. Stella is a smart and talented girl/ And such a sweetheart. And I know you love her to pieces...

Krysta said...

That is such a cute post! It was fun to see some of the pictures she has taken. I can hear her narrarating the whole thing. I love that girl!

KW said...

Oh I love her! What a sweetheart. I want a Stella in my family to take care of my little ones.

Jerald and Lorene said...

Way to go Stella! You are a great photographer just like your Mom. We loved seeing your photos and reading your dialog!! We love you!

valerie said...

she is a photographer and blogger in the making! Wonderful pictures and very good words. Love the Tom's and the activities of the day!

Pam said...

Great job Stella! I love you and miss you! You are such a great picture taker and helper to your family!

Michelle said...

Ahhh!! What a fun post! I absolutely loved it. Great job, Stella, with the photos and the words! It was very fun to have a peek into your day. Looks like it was a day well-lived. You are such a sweet sister to Tess. I sure love your family!

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