Wednesday, January 18, 2012

House Tour {Office}

 I think it is time to finally resume this house tour.  How about a peak at our office?  

When we first moved in to this house, we used this room as our breakfast nook. This is what it looked like then.


 This room has had a many changes.  Soon after we moved in, we put up the wainscoting.  Shortly after that, we painted it red.  Several years after we moved in, we switched rooms and we made this our office.

  This summer, I took all the pictures of the house for this house tour.  These are the pictures that I took of our office.

Office 2 copyright-2

I had to take new pictures for the house tour, because this is what it looks like now.

Office 2 copyright-1

This fall, I painted the room a lighter color.  I was ready for the change.  The red seemed to be putting off to much energy for me.

The color I picked is a light gray. It is a cool gray, so it puts off a hint of blue.  I think that is my favorite part.

Office 2 copyright-8 

We spend a lot of time in this room.

This little corner is where I read to the kids before their naps.

Office 2 copyright-7

This little table  is where the kids eat snacks, do homework, and work on art projects.

Office 2 copyright-13

We keep all their art supplies in these two boxes.

Office 2 copyright-12

This is Jonathan’s computer so he does his work here, and checks his email.  This kids also play games on this computer.

Office 2 copyright-6

My favorite part of this room is the picture wall.

  Office 2 copyright-4

I enjoy looking at all these pictures.  Each one of these pictures is significant. They remind me of something important.

Office 2 copyright-1 

When I put this wall together, I was lucky and stumbled upon the shelves at a yard sale. I paid $8 total for all 4 shelves.  The frames were also ones that I already had.  This was such a cheap project. It is probably one of my favorite walls in our home.

Office 2 copyright-11 

I recently found this lamp shade, and just new I had to have it for this room.  It is the piece that brings this whole room together. 

…and this fun rug.

Office 2 copyright-9

This room is such a bright space.   It has this large window…

Office 2 copyright-2

and also a door that leads out to our back yard.

Office 2 copyright-5

  I feel very happy when I am in this space.  I also love working in my kitchen and seeing my family in this room.  That is when I…

Office 2 copyright-3

count my blessings.



katie@tulsadetails said...

Wow! It's beautiful! The first pic I thought was from a magazine! Love the wall color!

Michelle said...

Beautiful!! You are so talented, dear friend. :) I would love to know the brand and color name for that grey paint (it looks blue in person, I think!).

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

I love the new paint! What a great space.

Chelsea Nicole said...

Droool.. your house is beautiful. Please come decorate mine :) Love the blog.

KW said...

I like the new paint color, I like the more subtle look of it. I love the shelves of pics too.

Krysta said...

Cute! I think I need to come check that room out myself. :)

Marji Anderson said...

I love how it looks now, I liked the red, but the grey is just perfect!!

Stella said...

I want a room like this too :). Gorgeous; every element is gorgeous of its own and together they make this room a piece of heaven. A place for eveyrone and with beautiful pieces of daily life and the things that matter...children, family, it!

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