Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Vacation Part One

Just as school was letting out for the year, we decided to take a little trip.  It was time to visit our favorite place and people in Houston.  We had a great time.  Here is a little peak of what took place:

(some photos taken by Krysta, my BFF)

Lots of board games


Cat naps

Girls sleeping

Getting to know Ady a little better(boy, she is busy)  I got her to hold still long enough to paint her nails

Ady's nails

Tessa and Ady getting to know each other, and deciding if they like each other

Girls ring around

In-home shopping (the kids each set-up their own shop full of handmade items including; envelopes, bookmarks, and art)  This sign could be found in one of the local gift shops:

Dear Parents

Fashion Show with a VIP dance party following


Shake it

…...and the tooth fairy.


Tooth Stella

These are the little moments between this kids that I don’t want to forget.  They love each other so much.  I am thankful that my kids have someone close by(well seven hours away; the closest that we have) to call family.

Stayed tuned for part two; the blackberry patch

Stellas hands



Beth Curtis said...

so fun! I love that your two families get along so well. What great memories. Oh those baby girls together are SO cute. I laughed out loud at the store sign. So funny.

Ben and Emily said...

Looks y'all had a nice visit! I loved the "sign"! Too cute.

Stella said...

Looking at the pictures you can feel the fun and that you had a wonderful time.
I love that sign of one of your local shops. Brilliant!
Can't wait to see more pictures.
The ones you showed us now are fabulous!
Enjoy your day!

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