Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Vacation part 2 {Blackberries}

B is for..

Krysta and I tried to take the kids to pick blackberries last year.  The berry patch that she knew of didn’t have any berries that were ready when I was there last May.  This summer we happened to be there just at the right time.

kids at the patch

This was so much fun for the kids.  Even the littlest two enjoyed picking berries.  Ady enjoyed eating them as she picked them.  Tess just like the routine of putting something in her bucket.  Tess would hold them up to her lips, but never did put it in her mouth. 

Stellas bucket

The older kids tried to see who could put the most in their bucket which totally backfired for Krysta and I because we had to pay the bill. 


It ended up costing us a little more then we both had expected, but we ended up with a lot of berries.  Which we used to make a delicious cobbler, freeze for later, and make jam.(btw- $4.31 is not the total;that is just the beginning)

….but as you all know Krysta and I don’t really care about the berries.  It is all about the pictures for us.

Krysta  Me and camera 2

Here are a few of my favorites:

Tessa pick cs

Tess berry edit

Stellas hands

Stella bucket 2

taken by Krysta


Isaac berries



Stella said...

Gorgeous pictures. You both have beautiful children!
I hope that the jam will be delicious too. It will be a real treat; nothing beats home made jam.
( maybe chocolate sprinkles..:)!)

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