Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Corner

I already teased you with a peak of our new book corner.

Book Corner edit 2cr

Are you ready to hear the details? (it was hard to get good pictures without any natural light source; I did the best I could)

This little space is in the hall right by my kids bedrooms.

First of all, do you all love Pinterest as much as I do?



I found this idea there, pinned it, and just had to re-do it myself.


I used brackets that I found at walmart in the hardware section.  Then I attached books found at the good will to the top with a little hot glue.  And wa-la “book’ shelves (pun intended)

Bookshelves 3

The jars on the shelves?  I can hear the voice in your head saying, “what is in those jars?”

1.   Gum:  the kids get to chew one piece of gum during reading time each day

2.  Beads:  They earn one bead per book or chapter that they read(depending on the length of the book)

3.  Bead bookmarks: using the string, the kids are starting their own bookmarks using the beads that they earn

Then I found this saying on Pinterest and knew I had to use it.




I already had these canvases so I decided to make my own art.  I don’t have a silhouette so I had to improvise.

I used some rub-ons found in scrapbook stores for the smaller letters.

For the bigger letters:

1. Pick a font and size on your computer.

2. Print it out

3.  Flip the paper over and trace the letters on the back side.

4.  Place the paper down with the printed side face up just where you want it on the canvas.  Rub over the letters and the pencil that you traced on the back will rub off on to the canvas.

5.  Color it in with a black sharpie

Children 2

I know it looks just like vinyl; and it was so easy.


I did the same thing for this one.

I used an ink pad, and some sand paper for a little texture.

Picture frame

I found this frame at the goodwill.  I just popped out the art, and painted it this fun blue color and added the print.  A little sanding always adds a little pop as well.

This print really makes a statement for this corner.

daddy's girls 8x10

read 3

I printed the picture at, my favorite printing site.  I had it mounted so that it fit the frame perfectly.

This bookshelf got a facelift too. 



see the bookshelf against the wall.  It is brown.


Blue Bookshelf

Do you see the fun metal box on the bottom shelf?

Storage bin

Are you wondering what is inside?

Summer Journal box

Our summer journal project. I found this fun metal container at the goodwill.  It was $2.

And because every fun space needs a banner, I threw one together with some fabric scraps.


This little space cost me very little money, and very little time.

Book Corner edit 2cr

notice the print in the frame is missing. It hadn’t come when I took these pictures.  Oh well, you get the picture.

I love how colorful and inviting this space is.

Our kids have a space that reminds them of how important good books are in their life.


It is also a good little habit that we are creating this summer.  We all take a few minutes to read each afternoon. Check this out for more information on the importance of reading to your kids.

Who wouldn’t want to pick a book from this pretty little space.

I might make these next.  We are running out of room on our book shelf.



Thank you pinterest for all the great ideas.  If you love it as much as I do, I would love you to follow me.  Then I can follow you back.

Keep on going to hear about part 2 of our summer vacation, you won’t want to miss these pictures.


KW said...

Oh how I love pinterest! Love the way it turned out. Such a great way to get them excited about reading.

Alison said...

Your reading corner looks so AWESOME Andrea! Great job - lots of hard work! I absolutely love your style!

Eileen said...

I have GOT to get going on pinterest!!! Really.
And I love the reading corner. What a perfect and lovely idea.

Tara said...

What a great little corner! I love it - and I love following you on pinterest - more inspiration via Andrea is always a good thing. :) (BEAUTIFUL pictures of the berry picking trip, too!!! And next time we camp in AK, let's meet up!)

Whitney said...

can i please have a small percentage of your creativity! I love following your blog. i wish our D.I. store was as cool as yours... Love it!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find those jars?? I have been looking for ones like that to store game balls for my son the baseball player. Thanks so much!!

Andrea said...

I got the jars at walmart, and just painted the lids.

katie@tulsadetails said...

This is so cute! Love it!!! Are you bad at anything? ;)

Tracy said...

Such a cute reading corner! I absolutely love the picture you framed of your hubby reading to the kids... perfect for your nook. I am most eager to know who did your vinyl letters/monogram for Stella above her bed??? I want to do something like that for my daughter's "big girl room".

Marji & Jim said...

love it! it just looks great!

Krysta said...

I love that space. It's even cuter in person! :) My kids still want me to do that for them. I think I will do that with the chalkboard vinyl you gave me.

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