Friday, June 17, 2011

I love summer.

We are having a great summer so far.  We have accomplished so much, with out having anything written down to accomplish.  I love how that worked.    Here is a little bit about what is going on.  I will share in more detail next week.

I have a great new space that I am so excited to share with you.

Book Corner

We will use it so much this summer.  More details to come on how I made this space for next to nothing.


Stella decided she wanted to sew something.  So I taught her.  Another luxury of  not having plans, but getting something accomplished.Stella pillowcase

We decided on a pillowcase.  She picked the fabric.

Pillowcase with stich copy

She also stitched her own name by hand, and we added it to the pillowcase.  She is so proud.


We went to an Arkansas Travelers game for FREE!!  That is another post in itself.

The kids are writing in their summer journal.  I love seeing their handwriting, and reading their stories.  I love how pretty Jex’s cursive it.


Do you see the ball cap, and baseball shirt?  He has been at Baseball camp all week long.  I am happy to have him home.

And we went on vacation; to our favorite spot; Houston.  I can’t wait to share more about it.

For now:

Family Photoshoot

family hug 2

and picking black berries.

Tess berry

As a result:

Jam cr

I made jam when we got back.

We have had a busy, but eventful couple of weeks. 

More to come…


Beth Curtis said...

such a great little corner! Beck's books are out of control in his room and I just haven't decided what to do with them! you motivated me! Good for Stella for wanting to sew, it is such an important skill to have. It looks like Jex takes after Momma in the handwriting department. Can't wait to hear more about your summer!
p.s. My mouth is watering over that jam!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

I LOOOOVE the saying on that canvas in the corner about kids reading with their parents. How cute! I'll have to write that down and use it somewhere!

Ben and Emily said...

I could've done some serious reading as a child if I had that nook! :)

It is awesome that Stella is learning how to sew at such a young age! Her name/pillow case is precious!

Marji & Jim said...

i love Stella's pillowcase & that she stitched her name on it :)

Stella said...

I can hardly wait to see more pictures. Although I am not writng a comment on every post it really is a daily pleasure to visit your blog and get inspired. Your ideas are brilliant, your photos are stunning and your blog posts are wonderful to read. I can learn a lot from you. ( And I do!)
Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. It's a privilege to be here. And to sit, read, look and enjoy!
Have a wonderful weekend!

KW said...

Great job Stella bean! I love the pillow case. I like the reading corner. I noticed you made the shelves from books, I saw that idea on pinterest and loved it.

The Drama Mama said...

Oh my word, I can't get over how stinking cute your family is!! Precious!!

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