Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About Me

I know, I know, life isn’t all about me, although at times I like to think it is.

When I first started this blog, I wrote  a post titled, “100 things you didn’t know about me.”

It  is still one of my most favorite posts.  I love it because it took a lot of effort to come up with 100 things.  But now, almost 3 years later I am so grateful that I took the time to sit down and do it.  It took me a few days.  I remember when I would think of something and run to the computer to jot it down.

Now when I read back, I realize how some of those 100 things have remained the same and many have changed.

Like #77.  I don’t like to run.  It just hurts all around.

Well, now 3 years later I could change #77 to read:  I love to run, and wish that the weather would permit me to run everyday.

or #81. I enjoy a nice, cold, Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper everyday. (sometimes 2)

this should now read:  #81. I enjoy a nice, cold, Coke zero everyday. (sometimes 3)

I guess what I am saying is I am grateful that things don’t remain the same.  How boring would it be if we never evolved, tried something new.

In honor of my favorite post, I am going to work on a new list.  I hope to share 5-10 new things about me each month. I think it is important for our children to know the little things about us.  I also enjoy looking back and remembering some of the important parts about me that I may have forgotten.

For example, I recently realized that when I am cooking dinner; I stand like a flamingo.

flamingo 2

Oh yes, I stand with one leg on the ground and the other foot touching my knee.  Now that is just weird.

Have you ever thought of writing down 100 things about you?


KW said...

I was actually just thinking about my 100 things the other day. that is so funny. I was going repost my list and change the ones that have now changed. I might still have to do it.

Marji & Jim said...

great idea-I've never done a 100 things, sounds like fun-I'll have to start compiling my list :)

MySweetCreations said...

That is so funny because I have done that since I was a child. I am actually standing at my kitchen counter now doing that while I am typing and baking brownies!

Becky said...

Hahaha, um, I actually stand like that too. I used to do it more - I must've somewhat fallen out of the habit. We've finally scheduled the USMLE for April 4th - wish us luck! :-)

Krysta said...

I have forgotten all about my list. I need to read it again. Thanks for reminding me.

Ummmm...lookin' hot girl!

Tara said...

You are delightful, Andrea - best flamingo stance ever. And you give me hope: maybe in 3 years I will love running..... :)

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