Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Character and Virtue

Jonathan and I went on a date the other night.  While we were out, we began talking about our children.  It seems our conversation always turns to that.  Jex was the meat of our talk that night.  Jonathan related feelings he has about him.  He shared with me thoughts and small promptings that he has had, that have revealed just how special Jex is.  Through personal revelation from God we have become to understand our children.  It is so important to understand not only who they are now, but who they were before they came to live with us.

This made me think about the Characteristics that Jex was born with, and how many have been developed because of the family that he was born to.  As a  mother, am I nurturing the divine characteristics that he came to earth with.  Am I teaching him how to use them?  Am I showing him the way to harness them and use them at just the right time.

I hope so.  I am now more aware of each of my children’s characteristics.  As a mother, I hope to help show them they way; in a way the our Heavenly Father would want me to.  A virtuous way.


jex cr

when I got to go on a school field trip with this little guy without any other kids; I took full advantage of getting to know this little guy all over again.

I was not surprised when he wanted to snuggle, hug and kiss me all day.  He is known for being very loving.  It was nice to have time for that without any interruptions.  I also love that he is not embarrassed to show affection.  What a wonderful trait to have.

mom and jex cr

We snuggled up on the bus together and enjoyed catching up.

I also watched as he made sure that they kids were listening, and staying where the teacher had asked them too.

Jex closeup class cr

At one point, one of the boys who happens to be Jex’s really good friend left the line and was messing around.  We were about to the load the bus, and this little boy would have been left behind.  Jex insisted that we get out of line and get him to come with us.  This is one of those times as a mother I get a little nervous.  He is so worried about others that sometimes he doesn’t think about the consequence.  I love this about him, but had he stepped out of line he would have also gotten in trouble.  I explained that finding or telling an adult is the best solution.  I was able to guide his friend back in to line and on the bus.  This is the perfect example of allowing our children to share their greatest characteristics, but help them know how to use them.  I think God does this with us as adults.  He often gives me subtle reminders to harness in some of my characteristics, and other times he gives me warm feeling when I use one in an appropriate way.

in God we trust cr

class with senate cr

During our field trip, we were able to go to The State Capitol.  It was so neat to see all the rooms, and hear about what each one is for.

Senate cr

Jex had some great questions and soaked up a whole bunch of knowledge.

Did you know there are three really expensive chandeliers in the Arkansas State Capitol?

ceiling 2 cr   ceiling cr

Did you know that it is a replica of the White House?

Jex capitol cr

Did you know that it has bronze doors on the front?

bronze doors cr    class in doors cr

These bronze doors weigh 1000 pounds each, cost $10, 000 each, and were purchased from Tiffany’s in NYC.  Each day the doors are shined to keep them looking like they did the day that they were installed.  How would you like that for a job? 

“What do you do for a living?”

“um, I shine the doors at the state capitol; inside and out.”

We also went to McDonalds for lunch.  That was interesting to say the least.  75 kids, 3 teachers, and many parents in one McDonalds.  I think this was Jex’s favorite part.  He had a Mighty kids meal, but was still hungry.  I had to order him more fries.  I ordered a large and he ate the whole thing.  He is such a good eater these days.  I love that he is trying hard to be better at eating his food.  As a baby  and toddler we could not get him to eat anything that wasn’t his few favorite foods.  Now, he eats whatever I make for dinner, and is trying new things in the lunch room.

fish lures copy cr

Then it was on to the Fish and Game museum.  It was neat to hear about the animals in Arkansas.  The tour guide spoke to the kids about mammals.  He asked, “there are 4 characteristics of mammals,  does anyone know them.”  Jex raised his hand and was called on.  Then he leaned over and told me the rest.  He knew them all.  He also knew them in a manner that I would not have taught him.  For example, he said, “mammals give a live birth.”  I would have told him that they don’t lay eggs, they carry the baby in their tummy.  This was obvious to me that he had read this information somewhere.  Another one of his beautiful characteristics.  He loves to read, and he remembers what he reads.  He loves to learn new things.

Jex inside capitol cr

It was a wonderful day for me to catch up and reflect on this little boy.  It helped me stop and think about how I mother him.  It caused me to reflect on what I can do better, and give myself a pat on the back for what I have done right.  …and I think it is important to do that every now and again.

When time allows I hope to make my scrapbook pages as I blog.  Here is what I made this morning.

Jex Second Grade field trip copy   Jex Second Grade Field Trip 2 copy


KW said...

Jex is a great kid. Very kind and considerate. I knew he would be a smart boy from the beginning. Maybe he gets that from his Aunt.

Tara said...

What a sweet post - a lucky boy and a lucky momma!

Brunson's said...

I like this post. Jex is getting so big. I can't believe how much they change. I am sure that was fun to have one on one. I sure love having that. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for the card!

Becky said...

What a great day with Jex! I can't believe how much older he looks since I last saw him. I also often have feelings about the special spirits sent to me to mother and I am always praying that I don't get in the way of them becoming what they really are! ;-)

Lindsey Jensen said...

Those are darling pages!! That was a fun post to read!! You are amazing parents and you have raised a very special little boy!! You should be proud. Thanks for sharing this!

Krysta said...

I loved reading about Jex! Thanks for always inspiring me to be a better momma. He is an amazing boy and that is why he is going to marry Kaylee! :) Loved the photos and loved the pages. Great job.

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