Tuesday, October 19, 2010

South Padre- The Beach

This will probably take me a few posts to share about our vacation.

For those of you who don’t know, we went on vacation a few weeks ago to an island just off of Texas.  The island is called South Padre Island . It was beautiful, and so wonderful to be back near the ocean.  It felt like home.  I couldn’t wait to get out in the water with my body board. 

It took us 14 hours to get there but it was well worth it.  The kids did so great on our the drive.  I have decided it is easier to take a 14 hour drive with 4 kids then it is to take a 2 hour flight.

Our vacation/ The Beach

I will let the pictures tell the story:


We spent the majority of our time on the beach.  It was so much fun to be so close to the ocean again.  The home we stayed in was beautiful and just a block from the beach. They provided all the beach toys, chairs, and umbrella.  It was so nice to leave that stuff at home.  I had enough to pack.

bw beach lineup

The ocean and sand are the most amazing combination.   Not just for children:


The kids could have played all day… and the adults.

all the kids 

Who are those extra kids?  Jonathan’s sister, husband and four kids flew from Utah to meet us.  It was so much fun for us to spend time with them, and for the kids to see there cousins.

Jex at the beach

It was fun to watch the kids re-connect with the beach.

Stella on beach

…and so exciting to watch the other two experience it for the first time.

first time


I even felt a little bit of nostalgia as I watched Jonathan playing with the kids. When we lived on Saba he did not get a lot of free time.  We spent any free time we had at the beach.  Jonathan really took the time to play with the kids on these days.  I saw that child like look in his eyes once again while we were in Texas.


Come and get me

except this time it was Ike and Tess instead of Jex and Stella.

…and another flash back happened as I watched my son participate in my favorite past time:

Body board 2

…Body Boarding

Body Board

Okay; only a few more pictures.

One morning, we paid to have Sandcastle building lessons.

It was so much fun, and well worth it.  It was so informative.


We all pitched in, got our hands dirty, and started following “Sandy Feet’s” instructions.


I think the adults enjoyed it more then we thought we would.

J sand Castle

me and the kids Lessons

I was addicted.  That little creative girl that is always pawing to come out was set free.


Can you believe that we built these?

We went on vacation for the beach, and it was most certainly the most memorable part.  Next time we go we can build sand castles.  I hope there will be a next time.  We will definitely visit South Padre again.

More on our vacation to come in the next few days.


Marji & Jim said...

it looks like a great vacation! beach vaca's are the best! I love the sandcastles!

Roxanne said...

wow how exciting!! i cant wai until we can take another vacation. its been a while.

KW said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I miss body boarding!! Hope you caught some nice waves.

Anonymous said...

Who knew you could get a sandcastle class? That's a great idea! Where did you get that fantastic bathing suit? I will need a new one for my new bod in a couple of months! ;)

Beth Curtis said...

that looks like a blast! I am for sure a beach girl. Your sand castles are AMAZING!!

Emily said...

OK, those castles are amazing!

Lindsey Jensen said...

How fun!! Brings back memories hearing about South Padre!! All of your pictures are beautiful!!

Eileen said...

I have vacation envy. And beach envy. Such beautiful photos.

Anne said...

I love your beach pictures!! I use to go to South Padre during College Spring Breaks...not too family friendly during that time of year! I'm sure you went at a perfect time..glad you had a fun getaway!

Darlene said...

Beautiful pics, Andrea! Looks like you all had a great time.

Darlene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Savanna said...

That looks So fun. Great pictures!! Those sandcastles are Awesome.

Lorinda said...

nice picts and awesome vaca. So glad to have shared it with my most favorite sis in law and brother! I think I have finally detoxed from the junk food. I didn't feel like ANY sugar for our first week home, but I sure enjoyed the junk while we were there! Loves.

Krysta said...

We want to go with you next time!

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