Monday, October 18, 2010

Challenge to do list.

Yesterday, I was riding in the car with my husband.  I asked him, “so, are you joining me in the five week challenge?”  He jokingly said, “Yes! you can’t do it without me.”   I hesitated for a minute and then I said, “I can, but I don’t want to.”

So all you of who are up for the challenge my question for you is, “Have you picked a partner?”

If not, that is first on your list.

I hope you spent the weekend making a plan.

I hope your morning has been successful so far.

Did you enjoy your protein shake?

My thoughts for you this morning are to stick it out.  I know today is hard.  Tomorrow will be harder, but after a week it will be easier.  You will have created habits.

Lets check in once a week.  I will share my progress with you.  Will you share it with me?

I have two projects for you this week:

1.  Take a before picture.

2.  Find a 300 calorie recipe.  Try it out and if you like it, share it with me. 

Email it to me at:

Once I have them all I will create a 300 calorie recipe file to share with all of you.

If you are not participating,


(please don’t exclude dessert recipes.  we all need sweets now and then, preferably healthy treats)

Watch for more recipes, and weight loss ideas throughout the next 5 weeks.

…and even more exciting Mr. Swenson will give us a pep talk.  Yes, the love of my life will be guest posting here. 

One last little thought for those of you who have not joined our challenge yet.

What have you got to lose?



Danee said...

Protien shake tasted better than normal this morning. Went for a run/walk this morning with my husband. I even left my sleeping 3 1/2 month old at home with my big kids. She was still sleeping and it was cold. 615 am felt good this morning. Good to have my husband all to myself for a half hour before we started the day. Still dreading the before pic but I will get it done today. Thanks Andrea. Will send you over some 300 dinner ideas.

Karissa and Scott said...

So you may not remember who I am, but I remember you. I was looking through Alaina's friends on her blogs and found yours. I decided to add it to my blog list because 1. I love following blogs. And 2. Because I love what you wrote about your diet and exercising with your hubby. We're having a baby in January and I am SO excited and ready to get my body back. It helps alot to see other moms who have had kids and who have been able to get their bodies back. So, thanks for the inspiration. And your kids are so dang cute. And I'm a former Gille. Hope you don't mind if I read about your life. :-)

Jenn said... look amazing! I thought you were beautiful back in July too! :) That is awesome that you and your hubby took this journey together! My husband just ran in a half marathon in KC this past weekend and watching him along with thousands of others has motivated me to get back on the fitness bandwagon! You know how it is juggling 4 kids, callings and etc. that I have put myself on the back burner. Thanks for all of your tips!
Have a beautiful day!
Jenn {}

and Then There Were Three...... said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I am no longer lurking!!! My husband and I also do these "challenge" type things together. I am going to be a week late, but we are going to start this coming Monday. My son turns one on Nov.13 and I have been nusing for a year. I have lost all my bay weight, but my body full of "flabbies". Thanks for inspiring me and getting me back on track!

Emily said...

I'm in! I started my "lifestyle" change last Thursday, so when you posted this, I thought, "Hey! I'm there!"

So, I actually took a "before" pic. GAG. Have you noticed how I never have pics of me on my blog? Yeah, I don't need to display my large self! I stared wearing a pedomiter to make sure I get in my 10,000 steps each day. David is a great workout partner and health buff who lives what he teaches. We figured out my metobolic rate, which is 1400 calories a day, but to loose weight, I need to stick to 1200 calories a day.


Well, I was starving, but I've adjusted. 1200 feels normal now. Hope to see some big changes soon! IT really is all about calories in to calories burned.

I'm heading to Beijing in a a couple of months and I KNOW I want some pictures of me in them and I've been dreading my fat self. So, I'm hoping this will fix that!

Once I dropped 12 pounds on in month just by making sure I got in my 10,000 steps each day. 6,000 steps to maintain health and 10,000 to loose weight. I Can do it!

I do have some great recipes to share (filling ones with 300 calories!) so I will email you soon, when I have two seconds to think. This week is full of shoots and midterm projects for me and lots of extra's so next week I'll email you.

You look fantastic!

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