Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I have learned…

I hate nagging.  It is my worst quality, and I absolutely hate it.  Sometimes nagging is the only way to get your kids to do things.

Our mornings have been known to have lots of nagging.  “Stella, hurry up and get your shoes on.”  “If you don’t eat your breakfast, I will leave you here.”

After several mornings like this, I needed to find a better way.

It is so important for me to have peace in our home, especially right before I send my kids off for 8 hours.  I want them to know that I love them, that I am proud of them.  I don’t want them leaving feeling unsuccessful.

I began thinking about how I could make them feel success with out a constant reminder from me of what needed to be done.

Basically, I needed something to do the nagging for me.

I came up with this little chart.

Magnet Chore Charts

I made one for each of the older children.

It has a morning responsibility list on one side and an evening on the other.  They use the magnets back and forth to mark off what they have done.  Their last responsibility is tokens.  If all of their responsibilities have been done for the day then they can get their tokens.

Stella's Chore Chart copy

I made sure to hang them at eye level, in a space that they could see.  They hang in the hallway to their rooms.


Want to make your own?

I used:

Metal Trays from the Dollar Tree.

Spray paint

Magnets, buttons, and felt flowers.

Sharpie marker

Hot Glue gun

Picture hanging bracket

Spray paint your trays, and while they dry add the buttons and flowers to your magnets using the glue gun. Then make a list of the responsibilities that you want your kids to have.  When the trays are dry use the sharpie to write them on there.  If you are not confident with your handwriting, you could print them out on fun paper and modge podge the paper to the tray.  Isaac can’t read, so I drew pictures depicting his responsibilities.  When you are done, add the magnets.  You only need enough for one column.  I needed seven.  Then glue the picture hanger on the back, and get them on the wall.

Our responsibilities:


get dressed, put pajamas away, make bed, say prayers, breakfast, brush your teeth, and comb your hair.


shower, put pajamas on, put your clothes away, station, brush teeth, say your prayers, and tokens.

Since we have started this there has been a lot less nagging, and a lot more smiles.

My kids feel a sense of accomplishment as they mark something off their list.  Much like the way I feel when I do the same.

More then anything, the peace in our home is so much better.  The kids leave our house feeling good about themselves.


What I have learned; if you want successful kids, you must create an environment that will allow them to succeed.



Krysta said...

Such a cute idea! I love it!

Marji & Jim said...

I noticed these when we were over the other day and meant to ask about them, i love it! great idea!!

Roxanne said...

I love this Andrea I am going to do this. I al ways feel like such a broken record in the morning and they do leave grumpy a lot of times. Thanks for sharing!

KW said...

Great idea!

Andrea said...

that's such a cute idea! i have to keep this in mind for when ava can do chores/ stuff like this! thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

What a cute idea! You are so crafty, how can I become more like that? Seriously, you are like a walking craft magazine!

julie said...

Brilliant idea!....Your children are so lucky to have an imaginative mum.

Lorinda said...

what is DEO that is listed on the trays? Is the heat and humidity so bad that your little kids have to wear deodorant? Cute idea!

Jenn said...

You are seriously so cute! You come up with the most creative ideas and yummy food! I wish that we lived closer so I could hang out with you! :) Have a wonderful day!

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