Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I have learned Thursday…

Why do I post what I have learned?

You learn something everyday if you pay attention.”  Ray LeBlond

When life gets hard

When life doesn’t go as planned

When someone tells you something you don’t want to hear

When you watch someone make mistakes

When you make mistakes

When you raise your voice

When you mess up something as simple as a recipe

When you don’t pay attention and overlook something

When you read a book

When you try to understand your children

When you listen to your children

Pillow talk with your spouse

Meditation and quiet moments

When you read someone’s blog

Listening to a speaker

When you read your scriptures

When you think that life has handed you so many lemons that you can’t possibly make lemonade.

Ask yourself:

“What can I learn today?”

I try to learn something new everyday. 

When I write it down, it gives me a chance to reflect.

That is why I share it here.

It helps you reflect also.

Sometimes I learn something that I didn’t know.

Other times I learn something about myself that I want to improve.

Many times I learn how to handle a situation better.

Most of the time I learn:

God is good.  He has a plan.  His plan is better then ours, and he wants us to be our best selves.  … and that is why he teaches us.


Michelle said...

Well-said. It does all come down to why we're here on earth, doesn't it?

Andrea said...

awesome post.

i nominated you for an award on my blog:

thanks for always being so encouraging in the blogosphere!!

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