Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Birthday…

I already shared with you a little glimpse of my special baptism, and now I want to share a little about my birthday.

My mom made sure the house was all decorated.

Collage CR

What do you think?

See the banner in the window.  It says CTR, or Choose the Right.

That is my eight year old motto.

I started the morning off with breakfast in bed; yes! skinny pancakes.

Breakfast in Bed

My biggest birthday surprise came on an airplane a few days earlier;  my favorite cousin Devin came to be here for my baptism.


I had no idea he was coming.

He is 5 years older then me, I look up to him so much.

He even taught me how to style my hair like his.

I cried when he had to leave.

We made a quick trip to cold stone for lunch.  It is tradition.

Coldstone COllage

It was fun to share this tradition with my Grandma & Grandpa Swenson, and Devin.  I think Grandpa thought it was pretty cool that we got to have ice cream for lunch.

We had to hurry along because my mom had to pick up my other set of grandparents from the airport.

It was neat to have them come on my birthday.

Instead of having a special dinner at home, we went to Larry’s pizza for dinner.

It is a favorite for everyone, and we just had to make sure everyone got to go while they were here.

Once we came back home, it was time for gifts.  I was lucky and got to open some birthday presents, and a few baptism gifts.

Scriptures 1

I got my first set of scriptures.  I am so excited and happy to be able to use them.

Scriptures closeup bw

They even have my name on them.

Hymn Book

I also got my own hymn book, and a case to put it all in.

Pocket Knife

My dad surprised me with my own pocket knife…. much to my mother’s dismay. (I think she’ll come around)

After all the paper was unwrapped, and every gift inspected by my two little hands, it was time for cake.

Make a wish

I wanted a pirate ship.  My mom made a fun little ship complete with Rolo gold, fruit roll-up flags, and whopper cannon balls.  The candles were coming out of the cannons on the side.  Just before we lit the candles, Isaac helped it sink a little.

It still tasted delicious; chocolate my favorite.

I had a great birthday.  It was really neat to have my family here, and to receive such special gifts.

It really is great to be eight.


Lindsey Jensen said...

Those are precious!! I love how excited he is for his scriptures!! They grow up way to fast!!!

KW said...

Happy birthday Jex!! Sad we weren't there to share in all the special events, but we love you very much!

katie@tulsadetails said...

You do birthdays right! So special and fun!

Krysta said...

Happy Birthday Jex! It sounds like it was a special and fun day. I hope you had fun with Devin. I like your hair! :)

Alaina and Mitchell said...

I love the face he made for those scriptures! Getting our first "personalized" set of scriptures was an 8 year-old tradition in our house too! I loved it! (Another tradition was getting a second set when we started seminary, that we got to "design"...we found the baptism set was pretty well-used and worn out after that many years!)

PS--my husband and his family love guns and knives...I can't escape it...i'm sure my boys will have pocket knives at 8, too! :o)

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Those photos are great and really tell the story! It looks like he had a fabulous birthday!


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