Sunday, July 18, 2010


Happy Day!!

Jonathan turned, well I don’t know if he wants that  number public knowledge; but his age did change today.

We had a great day.  The kids and I planned and prepared for our BIRTHDAY PARTY all morning; while Jonathan did rounds at the hospital.

Banner CR

Once he got home, we headed out to lunch.

We decided to eat at Children’s hospital which is where he is working.

I know that sounds strange, but they have the best food; and it accommodates to all our tastes.  They have so many items to choose from: salad bar, pizza, grill, and home- cooked, stick to your ribs kind of food.  With so many options, we can make everyone happy.

It is also such a fun atmosphere with a fun gift shop, and beautiful scenery.  The kids enjoy being a part of dad’s life outside our house, and Jonathan enjoys sharing it.

Jonathan pointed out some neat artwork that lined one hallway.  It was all done by children.  It had been framed and was a small art gallery that was a tribute to children and their creativity.  This was my favorite part today.  It helped me think about great art projects for the kids.  The two older kids could not believe how much talent that some of the small children have.

  We also enjoy hanging out in the lobby, and small park area. Just look at the scenery.

Capitol CR

It is right across from the capitol.

Water falls Childrens CR

It has beautiful streams and waterfalls.  These connect to little streams and waterfalls that are indoors; where sick kids make wishes with pennies, nickels and dimes.  We even saw a dollar bill in there today.

It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but take a picture of the birthday boy with the crew.

Family pic

…and all their birthday kisses.

Family kiss

Then we went home for our big party.

Stay tuned for details on how we planned and prepared for our


Jonathan loves ice cream so it seemed like the perfect sort of soirée to throw.

Make a wish copy 2


We laughed, giggled, tasted and shared.



We enjoyed our time together eating Jonathan’s favorite treat.

Little Miss even got in on the action.

Tess Cake 1

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Who me

Not me?

J and Tess

Yes you?

J and Tess 2

Couldn’t be.

Then who?

(our kids favorite song these days; they like naming off all their cousins as having their hands in the cookie jar)

It was a marvelous day. 

Jonathan’s night ended perfectly.  He was able to go out fishing with his BFF, Brady.

I think if he were writing this he would tell you that his 30 something birthday turned out pretty spectacular.

We love you Jonathan.

We hope your day was special.

Icecream Party CR

P.S.  Stay tuned for details about our Ice Cream Party!!


Beth Curtis said...

oh my gosh! Your ice cream party looks adorable. I love the pictures of Tessa. Happy Birthday!

Roxanne said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!! Love the pictures of your cute family!!

Emily said...

Happy b-day Jonathan! David's b-day is tomorrow, and Hannah's is on Thursday, and our anniversary was yesterday, (not to mention Dallin's b-day last week!) and I'm feeling the crunch! David will also be thirty something (I think he's a little older than Jonathan, but not sure) tomorrow, but I only celebrate anniversaries of my 29th birthday. :)

Krysta said...

Happy birthday Jonathan! It looks like you had a perfect day! You deserve it.

I love the photos A. The scenery at the hospital is beautiful and Tess looks so cute! She is preparing herself for the big 1!

katie@tulsadetails said...

You're family is beautiful! And the party looked fabulous! Can't wait to see the details!

KW said...

I need the recipes for the ice cream stuff. Sounds like a lot of fun. Gosh, Tessa got spoiled and it wasn't even her birthday! Hmmm...maybe I should fly out for Tessa's b-day.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday to Jonathan! What a fun day - Andrea, you do such a good job making everyone feel celebrated and special. I love it!

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