Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alphabet Summer…

We are plugging right along with our Alphabet Summer.  We have completed 10 1/2 letters.  We need to finish Letter C tomorrow.

You can follow along with us here: Project 365.

Here is a peak of yesterday:

Letter S:

Silly String

Letter S

Stitching(the kids are hand stitching their names, and we will put them on a pillow)

and Sno Cones

Sno Cones

I hope your summer is going great!!


Stephanie Bishop said...

Catching up on your summer---photos---Tessa--home projects!

Tessa's photos are breathtaking----not only is she gorgeous, but you have such an artistic eye! (love the new copyright--great idea)

You are so creative and I so love all the ideas you create. I am going to look into some FUN fonts and how to get more creative with them! Do you pay for some or get them for free?

Tara said...

We're doing a little alphabet summer of our own thanks to your fun ideas - it's nice to have a little more direction with our activities, and time them together somehow. It looks like you are having such fun! I love it!

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