Friday, July 2, 2010

What I have learned Thursday…even though it is Friday.

I must apologize.  I had a very busy day yesterday, and at the end of it when I usually will find time for this post; I had a very important date with Edward and Jacob.  I got home late, and was to tired to even think about it.

So, this morning as I began to think about what I have learned and what I wanted to share… I was quickly prompted to check this out.  I know that it was sent to me for a purpose.

I must share with you.  Please watch in it’s entirety.  You will be amazed at just how “real” these images are.  How “real” they depict motherhood to be.  Sometimes I felt as if they were taking film of my own family struggling to have prayer, or cook a meal.

I cried as I felt the reward of the mother watching her own children pray from the doorway.

At times, I think we all like to paint a beautiful picture of motherhood however, I know in my home it is not always beautiful.  Other times the love and beauty of it is so marvelous that I can’t help but know that the family is a divinely appointed unit.

This message will uplift you, strengthen you, and remind you of just how important the hardest job you have ever done is.

Once you have watched this, remember how important you are in the life of your children. Also how special you must be to God in doing his work; and raising and teaching his children.

I did.

I have learned this for today.

I may forget it tomorrow, but…

I will try to keep it in my heart always….

and reflect in moments that are trying.


Stella said...

Wonderful; every day I visit your blog but never left a comment. But this......Andrea this is really beautiful. And I think that you're a wonderful mother. You do a great job.
Have a wonderful day!

KW said...

I love those Mormon Messages. Thanks for sharing.

Karin said...

I really needed that today Andrea. Thanks for posting it.

Jamie said...

Are we friends or what?! I just posted this on my blog too. It's beautiful and exactly what I needed. I love your thoughts on the subject. I had the same date late last night, (it was a good one!;)) and I can't believe you made the same dino cake for Jex's 5th bday!! Great minds think alike!:)

Amber said...

Thank you for sharing, I really needed that and hope I remember it.

Darlene said...

Amazing, Andrea! Thanks for posting that. All mothers should see it. I will try to remember it during my day to day struggles.

Leila said...

I needed this today. I'll probably need it tomorrow and the next day too. Thanks.

lacycakes said...

this has always been one of my favorite talks since i heard it as a young woman. thanks so much for sharing it again.

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