Thursday, May 20, 2010

11 years ago...

My last name changed.  I heard the words "for time and all eternity."  I left my home of 21 years, and made a new one.  My life changed forever.

Wedding picture

Eleven years ago, I don't remember thinking to myself,where will I be in eleven years?  What will my life be like?

All I remember is the excitement to be a new bride, a wife, and start our journey together.  Oh what a journey it has been.


If I would have taken the time to ask myself what my life would be like, I don't think I could have seen all of this.

I have been blessed beyond measure.

Family photo

I never could have fully comprehended how my love for Jonathan could be any more then what it was eleven years ago. But it is.

I now understand what it means to share my life with someone.  I don't think I understood that when I took those vows on May 20, 1999.

It has been a tremendous life.  I wouldn't trade any of it.


Thank you for sharing it with me.

Photos taken by: Krysta Moes.

Keep going to find #4 in the series of being prepared in the kitchen.


Darlene said...

Happy anniversary!!

Jenglamgirl said...


My eleven year anniversary is this Sept. I too, married for time and all eternity... & wouldn't want it any other way. ;) Jenn

Alison said...

Kryta did a fantabulous job on your photos. Can I copy you on the one with all your legs with your baby at the bottom? I want to do that with my family. Too precious!

Krysta said...

Happy anniversary!! It's amazing what can happen in 11 years. Lots and lots of accomplishments.

Michelle said...

Wow, congratulations! Beautiful post, Andrea. Krysta did an amazing job on the family portraits, too. I like the clothes ya'll picked. :)

Matt Ormond Family said...

Happy anniversary! Beautiful pictures!

Becky said...

You guys have not aged A DAY. I would have to agree, you've made quite a beauty of a family during those 11 years!

Emily said...

Happy anniversary!

Jerald and Lorene said...

I thought of you on Thursday and remembered many things with smiles and thanksgiving! Who would have or could have thought where 11 years would take you. I hope you had a great day.

Elise said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE that barn!! Wish it were close to me:)

Happy anniversary!

Pam said...

Hope you had a great anniversary!! Luv you!

Jerri-Lea said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful & fun family you have!!

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! You are beautiful -- Gorgeous pictures! (and I love seeing the wedding photo - you are so darling)

The Popes said...

Your family photos are inspiring! They make me want a ton more kids (I only have 1. Sad.)

And your clothing choices are perfect! That's the hardest part of a good family photo.

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