Sunday, April 18, 2010


Lots of Randoms.

This little boy...


is a stinker.(literally)  This potty training is a battle, and I think he is winning.

He was doing so well, but we seem to have lost our momentum.

Tomorrow, is a new day.  We will try again.

I am going to win this battle.

I got to take some Senior pictures this morning of my favorite Young Woman, and my kids favorite babysitter.

Here are a few favorites:

Rachel bw closeup

Isn't she beautiful?

Rachel retro

Rachel BW

Rachel bw 2

Rachel in tree 2   Rachel Open Field

Jex had his first official Baseball game this week.  His team did awesome.

Texas Rangers

He did awesome. 

Batter swing double

I can tell he had so much fun.  He hasn't quit talking about it.

Dug out

He asks every day when his next game is.

Like father like son.

Speaking of father.  I love that man.

Do you all have a routine in your life?

I have a routine that I follow almost every day. It just doesn't seem right not too.

Every day for almost eleven years a huge part of my routine takes place in the wee hours of the morning.

I can expect to feel a kiss on my forehead just before my husband leaves for work.

It has never bothered me that I may be deep in sleep. 

I look forward to it.

I panic if he forgets.

Every morning, I patiently wait for my loving man to start my routine.

P.S.  I hope to post more about this little project tomorrow.  I am waiting for daylight to take a few more pictures.  See you soon.



Eileen said...

Love your photo skilz! You always inspire. Always.

KW said...

Great photos! Good job. I am kinda sad we didn't take more pics of the little ones why you were here!

Caitlin said...

LOVE the pictures of Rachel. It doesn't hurt that you have such a beautiful subject.

Krysta said...

Jex is such a CUTE little baseball player!!!

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