Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Favorite Recipe

Do you feel like you are getting lots of recipes here?  Well here is one more. 

Tiffany over at Simply Modern Mom is looking for 365 of the best.  She wants the recipe that your family loves the most. Here is my little addition.

We call it Saba Salad.  It is a salad that I was introduced to when we lived on the island of Saba in the Caribbean.  I added a little spin to it, and started to cook the chicken they way that they would on the island of Trinidad.  My friend told me that they don't use oil, they use brown sugar.  So I tried it, and added it to the salad, and it is amazing.

Here is is:

Saba Salad

8-12 chicken tenders or 4 breasts

½ C. brown sugar

Green leaf lettuce 1 head

2 tomatoes

Can of corn

Can of black beans

2 avocados

Can of French’s onions

Cover bottom of frying pan with brown sugar. When any little piece starts to melt add defrosted chicken. Simmer chicken in brown sugar over medium heat until sugar turns dark and sticky. Could take 15-20 minutes. Drag the chicken around in the sticky syrup until it is coated. Remove from pan and cool. Then shred.

Cut up lettuce, add chopped tomatoes, chopped avocados, can of corn and beans drained and rinsed. Top with onions. Serve with chicken on top and BBQ ranch dressing.

BBQ Ranch Dressing

1 ranch packet

Mayo and milk to make it

BBQ sauce.

Mix the ranch together(must be homemade ranch or it is not good), and let sit in the fridge. Before serving add BBQ sauce. About ¼ BBQ sauce to the amount of ranch you have.

Now, go try my salad and head over to her blog, and add one of your own.


Cyndi said...

My mouth is watering just reading about this recipe!! It's definitely a must try:)

Krysta said...

This is one of our favorites too! It's on my current meal list.

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