Thursday, March 4, 2010

A lighter day...

Not every day looks like the one in the previous post.  Thank heavens.  Today is a lighter day.

I love days when we can just stay at home.  I can stay in my yoga pants, and I can spend as much time as I want snuggling and playing with my kids.

I am glad that I have some of both.  Wouldn't life be boring if everyday was the same?

Many of you asked when I have time to blog.  Well, I don't.  If you haven't noticed from my sporatic postings. 

I do some at night after the kids are in bed.  Sometimes, I am able around 4:00 when the kids get home from school and entertain each other.  It works perfect today because I don't have to start dinner at 4:00.  It is already in the crock pot.  Tonight we are having Chicken Lasagna.

Last night for dinner, we had Hawaiian Chicken from Kara Eastham. 

Here is how I would rank it:

How Easy?  10

This was super simple.  Just throw it in the crock pot.

Taste?  7

This has really great flavor.  It was not a favorite for my kids, but they are hard to please.  My chicken got a little over done.  I think it would have tasted better if I didn't cook it quite as long and the chicken was more tender.  I did use fresh pineapple, and that tasted really yummy.

Appearance?  7

It was nice in color, and looked pretty over the rice.  I used Basmati Rice instead of long grain.

Clean Up?  10

Super simple, would have been easier if I didn't let my rice boil over.  Hey; I was in the middle of sewing Easter dresses.  Sometimes juggling is hard for me.

Cost?  10

This meal was super dooper cheap.  It cost me about $6.00 to feed my family.

I hope you take the time to try out these great recipes.


The Page Family said...

Funny, we made this one also and got the same results. My husband and I liked it, but he said the chicken was cooked to long. Our girls (10 & 7) weren't too sure.

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