Friday, March 5, 2010

A little more about me.

For those of you who didn't know, my husband and I lived for  two years on an island in the Caribbean. 

It is the island of Saba.


I was pregnant with Stella when we moved there. 

Some of my greatest memories, best life lessons, and simplest times were spent there.

Family On the Horizon


Nov. & Dec, 05 044

week after 027

For a glimpse of our life there please visit Becky's Blog.  She is my friend who now lives there.  (look at older posts as well, she is doing it one village at a time.  keep checking back for windwardside; this is the village we lived in)

She is doing a great job of telling the story of Saba through pictures.

I sure miss that special place.


Now you know one more thing about me.


Alaina and Mitchell said...

I love all your Saba stories, and Becky's! I can't believe they're there now! How amazing! What an experience :o) I love seeing the pictures of your family on the beach!

Jaron said...

Ha! This is too funny. I thought my Feedjit seemed to be tracking a lot of traffic on my blog today and, oddly, a lot of it seemed to be coming form "jandaandco." So then I happened onto your blog and, voila, now I get it! I wish my pictures were as nice as yours! How the HECK did you get that great picture of the island from the airplane?! I've never been able to get that much of the island in.

And thanks for the "Saba Salad" recipe. I'm going to try it out this week 'cause you know what they say - "when in Saba, do as past Sabians have done!"

The Page Family said...

I love your blog!! You are an amazing woman and mother. I came across your blog by accident and now I am addicted!! You have great tips to help us all be better women, mothers, and wives. Thank you!
Heather Page

Lacy said...

I think I'm going to cry. Gosh i would so do it all over again.

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